Member Communities

ILA offers members the opportunity to participate in any or all of the different types of communities based on your role and interests. In addition, the ILA has an online community, ILA Intersections, where all members can connect and collaborate in real time. All members automatically have access to Intersections using their ILA log in information.

ILA members can manage their member community preferences anytime by clicking here.  Not a member? Join today! 

Arts and Leadership
The Arts and Leadership Member Community is comprised of leadership researchers, educators and developers, master artists, and practitioners passionate about aesthetics, arts, culture, creativity, design, equity, imagination, and innovation in leadership.  Learn more here! 

Business Leadership
Our mission is to enrich and advance the practice of business leadership, transforming it into a powerful catalyst for positive change and sustainable impact in societies and economies worldwide. Learn more here! 

Ethics & Leadership
The Ethics & Leadership Member Community is an ongoing platform for discussions about research, practices, frameworks, and contextual approaches concerning ethics and leadership. Learn more here! 

The Followership Member Community is dedicated to the development of knowledge, competencies, and programs concerning the leader-follower relationship. Learn more here! 

Healthcare Leadership
The Healthcare Leadership Member Community involves, serves, and brings together leadership educators, practitioners, consultants, administrators, and scholars from all healthcare-related settings. Learn more here! 

Leadership and Coaching
Leadership and Coaching Member Community welcomes a wide variety of coaching perspectives and works to create opportunities to connect, collaborate, and grow knowledge around coaching and leadership.  Learn more here! 

Leadership Development
The Leadership Development Member Community welcomes practitioners, scholars, teachers, students, coaches, trainers, and others who cultivate leadership knowledge and skills in themselves and others. Learn more here! 

Leadership Education
The Leadership Education Member Community involves and serves leadership educators, professors, and teachers working in and/or interested in curricular or co-curricular programs in higher education institutions as well as primary and secondary (k-12) schools and other educational settings. Learn more here! 

Leadership for Peace
The aim of the Leadership for Peace Member Community is to draw thinkers and doers to focus on peace, peace-building, and developing, explaining, and educating for a culture of peace. Learn more here! 

Leadership Scholarship
The Leadership Scholarship Member Community brings together seasoned and new scholars and researchers sharing an emphasis on leadership from all disciplines, fields of study and research approaches. Learn more here! 

Philosophy, Religion, and Worldviews
The Philosophy, Religion, and Worldviews Member Community promotes an understanding of the healthy nexuses between philosophy, religion and worldviews and leadership consistent with ILA’s mission statement. Learn more here! 

Public Leadership
The Public Leadership Member Community serves and involves those who practice, study, and teach leadership in the public domain. This includes civic, governmental, military, nonprofit/NGO, political, and social organizations and institutions typically characterized by a primary emphasis on serving the public good. Learn more here! 

Sustainability Leadership
The Sustainability Leadership Member Community serves as a connection point for ILA members and partners who are interested in embedding sustainability into their lives and leadership. Learn more here! 

Women and Leadership
The Women and Leadership Member Community advances women in leadership by bringing together researchers, coaches, educators, practitioners and students interested in generating resources, disseminating research, and fostering the development of women leaders. Learn more here!