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Leadership for Peace

The Leadership for Peace Member Community seeks to attract researchers, educators, practitioners, and others who care about peace – in the mind and body, community, and in the world. Our aim is to draw thinkers and doers to focus on peace, peace-building, and developing, explaining, and educating for a culture of peace. This is a forum where the voices of peace can meet to nurture each other’s needs and collaborate on common interests, and a place to support efforts towards a more peaceful world.

Our hope is to increase the conditions for justice, tolerance, acceptance, hope and understanding anywhere and everywhere and for positive change in individuals, groups, organizations, and governments that lead to freedom from oppression, conflict and war, and aggression, through dialogue, action plans, research, practice, teaching and learning.

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Member Community Leaders

ILA Member Community leaders serve as ILA’s trusted experts in the field of leadership

Stephen Moles

Stephen Moles


Director, Leadership and Talent Development, U.S. Institute of Peace

Aleen Bayard


Lazarina Topuzova

Lazarina Topuzova


Associate Professor, Robert Morris University

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Executive Leadership Team

Our activities and programs are organized by this dedicated team of member volunteers. If you would like to deepen your engagement, please use the email above to contact us about volunteer opportunities.

Aleen Bayard, Principal, Transformative Consulting

Andrew Campbell
, Director, International Peace and Leadership Institute

Rosemary Muriungi
, Professor, Gonzaga University
Annika Hilding-Norberg, Head of Peace Operations and Peacebuilding, Geneva Center for Security Policy

Erich Schellhammer
, Retired
Elizabeth Stork, Chair, ILA Leadership for Peace member community; Professor, Robert Morris University
Lazarina Topuzova, Vice-Chair, ILA Leadership for Peace member community; Associate Professor, Robert Morris University

Priorities and Projects

Promote Peace Leadership

Promoting an understanding of peace leadership separate and distinctive from peace and conflict studies

Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge on practices, opportunities, and experiences for sustainable peace within and outside the ILA

Refining Peace Models

Identifying and testing models, theories, and perspectives about peace leadership towards developing effective approaches to ….

Develop Peace Leaders

Developing individual and group capacities, leaders and activists, negotiators and communicators, to learn and teach how to develop relationships of trust and reciprocity that can be spread around the world

Embrace Peace

Engaging with and learning from others whose ways of being are peace-intentional and peace-proactive

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Navigate ILA Intersections, an exclusive online member resource. Engage in vibrant discussions with like-minded leaders, access members-only resources and ILA’s online member directory.


Our activities and programs are organized by our dedicated team of member volunteers. If you would like to deepen your engagement, please email us about volunteer opportunities at


The ILA offers a wide variety of leadership resources to help you elevate your leadership research and practice.

Illustration of man walking on Penrose Triangle

The War in Ukraine & Leadership as an Essentially Contested Concept

In order to stop the war in Ukraine, we have to understand why different people have radically diverse understandings of what’s happening. In this blog, ILA Fellow Keith Grint examines how the war is not just about land or people or history, it is about our understandings of leadership.

Nurturing Peace from the Ashes of Violence. Innovating Leadership Co-Creating Our Future. With Maureen Metcalf.

Nurturing Peace From the Ashes of Violence

Hyppolite Ntigurirwa shares his story of surviving the Rwandan genocide and turning his mind from vengeance to peace and reconciliation. ILA Board Chair Mike Hardy joins in to discuss his own work pointing leaders to peace and his friendship with Ntigurirwa.

Downloadable Book Chapter