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Suzanna Fitzpatrick
Suzanna Fitzpatrick
Acute Care and Family Practice Nurse Practitioner
headshot of Neil E. Grunberg
Neil E. Grunberg
Professor, Uniformed Services University
headshot of Erin S. Barry
Erin S. Barry
Research Assistant Professor, Uniformed Services University

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The Healthcare Leadership Member Community involves, serves, and brings together leadership educators, practitioners, consultants, administrators, and scholars from all healthcare-related settings. We provide opportunities to share philosophies, conceptual approaches, curricula, programs, experiences, assessments, and scholarship to optimize healthcare leadership and followership.

Priorities and Projects

  • Launching the Healthcare Leadership Community on ILA Intersections
  • Providing opportunities for member participation in initiatives, activities, and governance
  • Building on-line resources for healthcare educators, consultants, administrators, practitioners, and scholars
  • Establishing a healthcare leadership research agenda
  • Developing effective curricula in healthcare leadership and followership across the professional life-cycle
  • Supporting initiatives that focus on program evaluation, assessment, and guidelines
  • Advancing the field of healthcare leadership globally

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Sample Healthcare Leadership Resources



Build Back Better… With Care and Compassion

As governments and organisations around the world seek to “build back better” from the Covid-19 pandemic, Richard Bolden stresses the importance of making time and space for recovery — where leaders and others can experience the care and compassion needed to help them heal from the physical and emotional exhaustion that permeates our workplaces and communities.

Science of Leadership Is Next Frontier in Eradicating COVID-19

Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s program to accelerate the development, manufacture, and distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine, cost an estimated $14 billion and enabled some of the world’s elite scientists to set an astonishing record for the speed of development of new vaccines. Then came the rollout.

Past Conferences

Healthcare Leadership Conference Event Image

1st Healthcare Leadership Conference

ILA’s inaugural Healthcare Leadership Conference, Strengthening Ties Between Healthcare and Leadership, occurred virtually, live online 17-18 May 2021.


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