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Healthcare Leadership

The Healthcare Leadership Member Community involves, serves, and brings together leadership educators, practitioners, consultants, administrators, and scholars from all healthcare-related settings. We provide opportunities to share philosophies, conceptual approaches, curricula, programs, experiences, assessments, and scholarship to optimize healthcare leadership and followership.

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Member Community Leaders

ILA Member Community leaders serve as ILA’s trusted experts in the field of leadership

headshot of Erin S. Barry

Erin S. Barry


Research Assistant Professor, Uniformed Services University

Cameron Stockdale


Suzanna Fitzpatrick

Suzanna Fitzpatrick


Acute Care and Family Practice Nurse Practitioner

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Priorities and Projects

Member Participation

Providing opportunities for member participation in initiatives, activities, and governance

Healthcare Online Hub

Building on-line resources for healthcare educators, consultants, administrators, practitioners, and scholars

Research Agenda

Establishing a healthcare leadership research agenda

Curricula Evolution

Developing effective curricula in healthcare leadership and followership across the professional life-cycle

Program Excellence

Supporting initiatives that focus on program evaluation, assessment, and guidelines

Global Healthcare Advancements

Advancing the field of healthcare leadership globally

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Navigate ILA Intersections, an exclusive online member resource. Engage in vibrant discussions with like-minded leaders, access members-only resources and ILA’s online member directory.


Our activities and programs are organized by our dedicated team of member volunteers. If you would like to deepen your engagement, please email us about volunteer opportunities at


The ILA offers a wide variety of leadership resources to help you elevate your leadership research and practice.

Build Back Better… With Care and Compassion

As governments and organisations around the world seek to “build back better” from the Covid-19 pandemic, Richard Bolden stresses the importance of making time and space for recovery — where leaders and others can experience the care and compassion needed to help them heal from the physical and emotional exhaustion that permeates our workplaces and communities.

Innovating Leadership Co-Creating Our Future

Boosting Workplace Well-Being

Cameron Stockdale, CEO of the Work Wellness Institute, discusses the 4-day workweek & other workplace wellness initiatives that boost productivity.