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Leadership Perspectives is a series of live, interactive webinars that support our mission and the work of our members.  ILA members receive free access to all Leadership Perspectives webinars —live and on demand. 

ILA members enjoy free access to all leadership perspectives webinars. Not a member? No problem. Register for only $9.95 per webinar.

Most of our webinars are offered at two different times to make it easy for our global membership to participate live!


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Weren’t able to join us for one of our webinars? Within 48 hours of the event, the ILA posts complete recordings and presentation materials of all of its webinars to its Webinar Archive. ILA members enjoy free access as a benefit of membership.


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Innovation Leadership: Emerging Findings on Effective Practice

How can leaders create greater impact for innovation in a rapidly changing world while also creating new and sustainable sources of value for their organizations and ecosystems? Sheffield, Jensen, and Kaudela-Baum discuss insights and findings from their new book, Innovation Leadership in Practice.

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Why Inquiring Leadership Matters

Live Webinar 6 March 2024 at 12pm EST (UTC-5). In this practical, informative, and experiential webinar, Marilee Adams discusses Inquiring Leadership and the importance of mindsets for leaders. Choice Map, a practical model that illustrates how to embody an effective mindset is introduced.

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Exploring Personhood in Contemporary Times

Panelists explore the difficult questions about our identities and our relationships with others as they offer insights on how to grow personally and professionally as individuals and leaders.

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Advancing Leadership Programs: Using Assessment Frameworks

Drs. Michael Chikeleze, Jay Gary, and Gayle Spencer discuss assessment frameworks including ILA’s General Principles and Guiding Questions, the Council for Advancement of Standards for Higher Education, and the Carnegie Elective Classification for Leadership for Public Purpose.

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Aesop and the Follies of Followers

Live Webinar 1 June. Joanne Ciulla, leadership ethics expert and ILA Lifetime Achievement Awardee, discusses eight Aesop’s fables that illustrate mistakes followers make about those who lead.