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ILA’s blog launched in March 2020 amid a world struggling to make sense of the pandemic, racial inequality, and challenges to democracy. We charge our bloggers to apply their leadership knowledge and practical wisdom to inform and inspire us as we continued our work of advancing leadership knowledge and practice for a better world. Bloggers include authors from 12 countries spanning 5 continents.

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Overcoming an Addiction to Leadership­­­

Lucie Hartley and ILA Fellow Richard Bolden explore the consequences of an addiction to leadership. Drawing on examples from drug and alcohol services, they illustrate how recovery techniques may help overcome a dependence on heroic and narcissistic leaders and foster more inclusive and compassionate forms of leadership practice.

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Why We Should Now Call Trump a Fascist, and How Trumpism Can Be Stopped

As a global citizen and someone who researches the dark side of leadership, ILA Fellow Professor Dennis Tourish discusses the rise of Trumpism and the similarities between it and other fascist movements. If Trumpism is a fascist movement, how can leaders work to shore up democracy and stop it?

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Leaders Do Not Abandon DEI Initiatives

In today’s climate of political, cultural, ideological, and legislative pushback on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, what can leaders do to accelerate DEI work rather than retreat? ILA Fellow and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dr. Stella M. Nkomo shares five evidence-based reasons DEI in the workplace is the right decision.

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Leadership: A Threat or Solution to Securing a Better Future?

Too often scientists and activists lead the way in advocating change, not the political and corporate leaders who actually have the power and authority to effect change. What role, though, does the leadership industry play in challenging leaders to address political, social, and economic systems that are inequitable and unsustainable?

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Reclaiming Leadership in Higher Education

ILA Fellow Richard Bolden discusses the challenges facing higher education leadership and asks those of us working in HE to reflect on what we can do to reclaim our role(s) and responsibilities as leaders in our organizations.

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Learning From the Bees

ILA member Kathleen Allen explores the contributions of worker bees in Nature and in organizations. Contrary to popular opinion, “worker bees” significantly impact organizational systems. Like bees in Nature, they create the buzz!

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The Inauthenticity of Authentic Leadership Theory

ILA Fellow, Professor Dennis Tourish, shares his current thinking in this blog post updating and adapting a chapter from his 2019 book, Management Studies in Crisis: Fraud, Deception and Meaningless Research.

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There Is No Military Solution in Israel/Gaza

John, Lord Alderdice, who has been actively involved in peace-making processes for more than 50 years, sheds light on the current crisis in Israel and Gaza and the steps needed to work for a lasting peace.

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Ignite Your Flame of Activated Hope

Leaders who are catalysts inhabit the radical place between the present and the future as they apply activated hope to ignite powerful change in their organizations, communities, and themselves. ILA Fellow Professor Chellie Spiller shares 8 key insights leaders need to strike the match of potential.

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Leadership and the Devaluation of the Mundane

ILA Fellow Keith Grint delves into the reciprocal processes of extraordinarization and mundanization whereby the actions of certain groups are deemed “heroic” while the actions of other, less privileged groups, are deemed “ordinary.” This process impedes the acquisition of equality and justice around particular tasks while insidiously masquerading as normality.

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The Catalyst’s Way

Ignite powerful change in your organizations, communities, and yourself. In this blog, ILA Fellow Chellie Spiller discusses her new book, The Catalyst’s Way – A Handbook for People Who Want to Change the World, based on her time as Leader in Residence at the Atlantic Institute and the extraordinary leadership exemplified by its fellows. Download the free eBook and its companion guide (links in blog).

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