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Leadership Education Most Publishable Paper Award

The Most Publishable Leadership Education Paper award is given each year to the paper in the leadership education global conference stream that receives the highest ranking. Winners are honored at the global conference.  

Leadership Education Luncheon

Submission Deadline: 28 February 2021

To be considered for this award, please submit a paper for presentation in the Leadership Education stream for ILA’s annual global conference.  The call for proposals for the 2021 conference opens 28 January. Visit the conference home page for details. 

Past Winners of the Leadership Education Most Publishable Paper Award


Reimagining Culture with Care and Inclusion: Support Networks for Foreign-born Leadership Educators

Jeff Bourgeois, Assistant Professor, Global Leadership at the Indiana Institute of Technology
Sara Zare, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant; Doctoral Student at Pepperdine University


Re-Operationalizing and Measuring Impact of a Leader Development Course

John M. Hinck, Assistant Professor, Leadership, Air University
Steven B. Davis, Assistant Professor, Leadership, Air University


Can Mental Agility Be Taught? Advancing Agile Thinking Capacities in U.S. Military Leaders

Olenda E. Johnson, Professor of Strategic Leadership and Leader Development, U.S. Naval War College

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Changes to Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes to Learning About Leadership, Religion, and Spirituality

Stuart Allen, Professor of Organizational Leadership, Robert Morris University
Peter Williams, Professor of Leadership, EdD Organizational Leadership, ACU Dallas

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It’s Good for What Ails You: Leadership Education in Medical School

Stephen J. Linenberger, Professor of Leadership, Bellevue University
John Schmidt, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Creighton University School of Medicine
Jennifer Moss Breen, Associate Professor & Program Director, Interdisciplinary Leadership EdD, Creighton University

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Aligning Curricular Experiences and Student Development in Leadership Education

Aaron J. McKim, Graduate Student, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University
Jonathan J. Velez, Associate Professor, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University