International Student Case Competition​

The ILA International Student Case Competition provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to compete and showcase their knowledge about leadership through the analysis of a contemporary socio-political-economic problem on the global or national level.

Group from International Student Case Competition 2019

Sign up your team by 19 September 2023 to compete in this year's competition at ILA's 25th Global Conference! Teams may compete online or in person in Vancouver, Canada.

Start forming your team now for the October 2022 competition. Detailed information now available!

Teams compete in two divisions, undergraduate and graduate. Through a case executive summary, poster given at the conference, and a final presentation (finalists only), students demonstrate an understanding of their case’s underlying leadership issues while developing strategic recommendations for addressing key issues.

The top three teams in each division are recognized at the closing plenary of the ILA conference. The team in each division that takes top honors receives complimentary 1-year memberships in the ILA and a $1,000 cash prize to divide among team members. The International Student Case Competition is organized by the Leadership Education Member Community.

Past Winners of the International Student Case Competition​

2022 Undergraduate Division

2022 Undergraduate Student Case Competition Winners

Wenjuan Gu, Owen Glazier, Patrick Palcic, Shelby Floyd, Ashton Crawford

West Virginia University

2022 Graduate Division

Graduate Division Winners of the 2022 ISCC

Brooke Wells, Haden Botkin, Jian Ju Yeo, Jennifer Okoliko

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2021 Undergraduate Division

Phyu Chaw, Sydney King, Bianca Londres, Adrianna DeSantis

Christopher Newport University

2021 Graduate Division

2021 International Student Case Competition Graduate Winners

Simona Catana, Carolina Parro

ESMT Berlin

2020 Undergraduate Division

2020 ISCC Undergrad Division Winners - Blue Team from Christopher Newport University Colin Bunn, Zoe Page, Grant Wiley

Colin Bunn, Zoe Page, Grant Wiley

Christopher Newport University

2020 Graduate Division

2020 ISCC Grad Division Winners - California Institute of Integral Studies - Catherine Chapman, Katie Hamaker, Michael Munton, Megan Quinn, Jenna Wes

Catherine Chapman, Katie Hamaker, Michael Munton, Megan Quinn, Jenna Wes

California Institute of Integral Studies

2019 Undergraduate Division

Hannah Arneson, Kendall Beemer, Cecelia Caraccilo, and Claire Leffingwell

Hannah Arneson, Kendall Beemer, Cecelia Caraccilo, and Claire Leffingwell

Washburn University

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2019 Graduate Division

Shakia Asamoah, Genevieve Hiltebrand, and Noel Kuriakos

Shakia Asamoah, Genevieve Hiltebrand, Noel Kuriakos

University of Maryland

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2018 Undergraduate Division

Christopher Newport University Blue Team winners of undergraduate SCC WPB

Jonelle Brown, Nathan Hotes, Adam Stillabower

Christopher Newport University

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2018 Graduate Division

Robert Morris University winners of graduate SCC WPB

Rebecca Barnes, Lynda Mayes, Sean Phelan,  Samantha Wockley

Robert Morris University

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2017 Undergraduate Division

Suvana Badgett, Lauren Mertz, Emily Polston, Bailey Porter

Kansas State University

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2017 Graduate Division

Terri Enslein, Linnea Fletcher, Karen Ramos

Northern Kentucky University

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2016 Undergraduate Division

Tyler Hamke, William Stephan, Gladys Suarez, Maggie Douglas, and pictured, adviser Josh Armstrong

Gonzaga University

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2016 Graduate Division

Miznah Alomair, Beatriz Valencia, Scott Delong

Chapman University

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2015 Undergraduate Division

Monica Lyons, Matthew Clark, Patrick Holcomb

Gonzaga University

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2015 Graduate Division

Patti Brenner, Tracy Brown, Brian Peterson

Alvernia University

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2014 Undergraduate Division

Mary Ralston, Rebecca Maasen, Madison Wiegers, Jack Van Dam

Washburn University

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2014 Graduate Division

Alix Carole Onmalela Bilip, Katie Noll, Colby Haverkamp, Tyler Bedell

Kansas State University

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2013 Undergraduate Division

Nick Mamolo, Joseph Decker, Constanza Ponce de Leone

Gonzaga University

2013 Graduate Division

Kyle van Ittersum, Lori Kniffin, Erin Poppe

Kansas State University

2012 Undergraduate Division

Brian Wisdom, Taylor Harrell, Crystal Dujowich, Aaron Rivera Dominguez Bours

University of San Diego

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2012 Graduate Division

Ron Gladden, Erin Robinson, Gannon Tagher

Northern Kentucky University

2011 Undergraduate Division

Bethany Caldwell, Chelsea Corkins, Theodore Stavropoulos, and Erika Williams

Kansas State University

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2011 Graduate Division

Megan Downing, Linda Hayes, Shawn Mills Nordheim, Melody Rawlings, and Cheryl Swayne

Northern Kentucky University

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2010 Undergraduate Division

Laura Bottoroff, Jessica Dang, and Katherine Johnson

Claremont McKenna College

2010 Graduate Division

David Wolf, David Ober, Julie Rood-Breithaupt

Eastern University

2009 Undergraduate Division

Miles Bird, Zephanii Smith, Michelle Kim,  Veronica Pugin

Claremont McKenna College

2009 Graduate Division

Gery Remy, Stephanie Povlosky, David Brewer

Eastern University

2008 Undergraduate Division

Sarah Chamberlain, Nichol Hibbard, Greg Pereira

Azusa Pacific University