Building Leadership Bridges and Women & Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice

ILA’s book series offer fresh thinking on leadership from a diverse range of leaders, scholars, educators, and leadership professionals working around the globe. They support ILA’s purpose to connect people worldwide to advance the practice and study of leadership for a just and thriving future.  

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Inclusive Leadership Bookcover

Inclusive Leadership: Equity and Belonging in Our Communities

This book serves as a guide to what it means and looks like to be an ally and advocate for DEIB. Divided into four sections—(a) Understanding DEIB, (b) DEIB and Education, (c) The Application and Practice DEIB/Accessibility, and (d) DEIB/Accessibility: A Community and Global Perspective— the book offers readers a roadmap toward fostering inclusivity and fairness.

Reimagining Leadership on the Commons-Cover

Reimagining Leadership on the Commons

What does leadership in self-organized, self-governed, autonomous networks and organizations that function outside the state and the private sector look like? This book is essential reading for researchers of commons, leadership practitioners, and non-profits working towards a more ethical, equitable, and just world.