Free Online Leadership Journals

As a multidisciplinary, multisector phenomenon, there are numerous journals pertaining to the study and practice of leadership. While ILA members enjoy free access to the Journal of Leadership Studies (click to find out more), below we’ve also created a list of free online leadership journals that are available to everyone and supported by ILA members. For more information follow the links below. Have a journal to add? Contact

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Creighton Journal of Interdisciplinary Leadership (CJIL)
CJIL is a double-blind online open-access journal with a mission to “spread knowledge, understanding, and dialogue of interdisciplinary leadership with a special focus on social justice.”

Integral Leadership Review (ILR)
ILR serves “leaders, professionals and academics engaged in the practice, development and theory of leadership. It bridges multiple perspectives by drawing on integral, transdisciplinary, complexity and developmental frameworks.”

International Journal of Educational Leadership and Management (IJELM)
IJELM publishes research from multidisciplinary perspectives with the aim of improving leadership in the administration of educational institutions.

International Journal of Leadership Studies  IJLS is a refereed scholarly journal that publishes “theoretically grounded research that enhances knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of leadership at all levels within a variety of industries and organizations.”

Journal of Applied Christian Leadership (JACL)
JACL “seeks to engage Christian leaders and scholars in a forward-looking dialogue about how to practice leadership in the light of ongoing research taking place across denominational, cultural, and disciplinary environments.”

Journal of Character and Leadership Development (JCLD)
JCLD is “focused on facilitating scholarship and dialogue around the development of character and leadership.”

Journal of Leadership Education (JOLE)
JOLE provides “opportunities for dialogue, evolving discourse, and engagement about the discipline or leadership. The journal serves as a forum to share teaching advancements, research innovation, and application.”

Journal of Student Leadership (JSL)
JSL is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal published out of the Department of Student Leadership and Success Studies at Utah Valley University that addresses ideas, theories, and issues of leadership.

Leadership Excellence Essentials (LEE)
LEE shares “the latest and greatest leadership solutions from the World’s top leaders, consultants, and trainers – plus development guides, plans, and additional tools designed to turn those solutions into an action plan.”

Mid-Atlantic Leadership Review (MLR)
MLR is “an online, peer-reviewed, leadership studies journal based at Christopher Newport University. Its focus is to publish high-quality research articles written by CNU students and other undergraduate students from around the country.”

Theology of Leadership Journal
The Theology of Leadership Journal seeks to be a primary repository and resource for the development of a Christian theology of leadership through rigorous research that addresses practical application.