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The Global Network for Those Who Study, Teach, and Practice Leadership

The Global Network for Those Who Study, Teach, and Practice Leadership

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Our Mission: Advancing Leadership Knowledge and Practice for A Better World

Our Mission: Advancing Leadership Knowledge and Practice for A Better World

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Bringing Together People
for Better Leadership Now

Bringing Together People
for Better Leadership Now

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Global Network

The International Leadership Association is the largest global community dedicated to leadership theory and practice. It brings together professionals from every sector, discipline, and profession across the globe to produce rigorous research, cultivate a deeper understanding of the world, and generate new insights into how to exercise effective leadership.


ILA brings people together across distance and disciplines – virtually and in person – to bridge theory and practice and spark those aha moments that improve leadership locally and globally. By creating and holding these trusted spaces, ILA ensures that the best thinking about the process of leadership is developed and disseminated.


By holding spaces for research and dialogue, ILA serves as a principal source for leadership-related resources.  Through our global, regional, and topical conferences, webinars, publications, and digital offerings, we generate new research, knowledge, and practices that address issues of interest to our members and the global community at large.


ILA is the trusted global leadership space for content, connections, collaborations, and community. We do our work by convening and connecting our members and partners, collaborating with them to unleash potential, and generating new leadership content to create meaningful change. Through ILA’s networks, conferences, online materials, and publications, we share our learning, seeding the possibilities for individual, community, and international change worldwide.

Does Size Matter for Leadership?

Keith Grint ranges from Shakespeare’s Henry V to tweets from Donald Trump to expose the invisible privilege associated with being tall and the assumption that has long prevailed in human society that greater height correlates with attributions of leadership, particularly among men.

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Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

The Conversation

Scott sits down with Dr. Robert Livingston to discuss his new book, The Conversation: How Seeking and Speaking the Truth about Racism Can Radically Transform Individuals and Organizations.

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International Leadership Association 2021-2022 Fellows (L-R) John Heiser (Executive in Residence), Gill Robinson Hickman (Scholar in Residence), Scott J. Allen, Keith Grint, Maureen Metcalf, Stella Nkomo, Erwin Schwella, Katherine Tyler Scott.

ILA Announces Its 2021-2022 Fellows

The work of the International Leadership Association (ILA) is made possible by the power of our members’ curiosity, creativity, and desire to make an impact. Each year, we recognize a select group of expert members who have a desire to give back to the field of leadership as ILA Fellows.

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The Challenges of Today: Why Leadership Matters

The world has a deep and pressing need for leadership that inspires and enables us to face the challenges of a complex, diverse, and ever-changing world.

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