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Tami White
Tami White
Story Teller, Union Institute & University
Dorothy Agger-Gupta
Dorothy Agger-Gupta
Professor, Fielding Graduate University
Anu Mitra
Anu Mitra
Professor, Union Institute & University

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The Arts and Leadership Member Community is open and inviting for all those engaged in or interested in learning more about the arts and leadership development. We hope to encourage and leverage the diversity of ideas, opinions, and experiences about the arts and leadership development.

We are global community of leadership researchers, developers, master artists, and practitioners passionate about aesthetics, arts, culture, creativity, design, equity, imagination, and innovation in leadership. We are committed to cutting edge research, practice, and leadership development methods to bring about the best leaders for the future.

Priorities and Projects

  • Reaching out to ILA leaders to collaborate on integrating the arts and leadership into ILA’s programming for conferences and beyond
  • Collaborating with other members in submitting proposals for arts and leadership sessions at ILA conferences
  • Generating greater interest in the arts and leadership community
  • Promoting and disseminating materials and resources concerning the arts and leadership

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Newsletter Articles


The Power of Story

What is the significance of stories on our development as human beings and as leaders? Katherine Tyler Scott explores this provocative question.


Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

Leadership and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dr. Gordon Schmidt & Dr. Sy Islam join Scott to discuss their new book Leaders Assemble! Leadership Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Emerald, 2022) and how they use popular culture to help students as well as business clients understand leadership concepts.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Leading Beautifully

Nancy Adler is an inspiring leader who has worked with managers from around the world to create synergy among cultures, rather than building walls to keep out “difference” or to hide behind fears of inefficiency and prejudice.