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Philosophy, Religion, and Worldviews

Philosophy, Religion, and Worldviews Member Community promotes an understanding of the healthy nexuses between philosophy, religion and worldviews and leadership consistent with ILA’s mission statement.

Philosophy, religion and worldviews touch the very core of human experience and address the assumptions people make about life. These assumptions structure people’s leadership theories and practices, often resulting in unevaluated consequences and implications. Evaluating leadership theories and practices at the most basic level will generate greater insights to the intersection of leadership with culture.

The Philosophy, Religion, and Worldviews Member Community encourages philosophers and religious leaders to actively participate in ILA as a means to hone their leadership skills for use in their respective spheres of influence and provide corresponding insights to ILA members.

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Lisa Friesen

Lisa Friesen


Assistant Professor of Allied Health Professions, California Baptist University

headshot of John Shoup

John Shoup


Dean, School of Education, California Baptist University

headshot of Mary Tabata

Mary Tabata


Adjunct Faculty, Organization Theory & Management Theory, Pepperdine University

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Upcoming Conference

ILA Philosophy, Religion, & Worldview Hybrid Conference

Exploring the Sacred

Accepting call for proposals and call for venues until 6 May 2024

When: 27 – 28 June 2024
Where: The conference will allow people to gather locally, globally, and virtually

The ILA Philosophy, Religion, and Worldview member community invites you to participate in a multi-site hybrid conference to promote interdisciplinary dialogue for leaders to discuss and engage with topics related to Exploring the Sacred. C. Wright Mills asserted about the sacred: “In due course, the sacred shall disappear altogether except, possibly, in the private realm.” We invite leadership scholars to join us as we explore what it means to experience the sacred in the 21st century.

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The ILA offers a wide variety of leadership resources to help you elevate your leadership research and practice.

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