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Rich Whitney
Rich Whitney
Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership & Program Chair, University of La Verne
Nathan Eva
Nathan Eva
Professor, Monash Business School
Lori Kniffin
Lori Kniffin

Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies, Fort Hays State University

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The Leadership Scholarship Member Community brings together seasoned and new scholars and researchers sharing an emphasis on leadership from all disciplines, fields of study and research approaches. The Leadership Scholarship Community creates opportunities to share research and theories, encourages rigor and relevance, and fosters collaboration.

Priorities and Projects ​

  • Engaging in discussion within ILA on the meaning of rigor and relevance concerning research and scholarship about leadership.
  • Supporting the Leadership Education Research Agenda and recruiting members to contribute to its Research Priorities
  • Engaging scholars within ILA to submit and review conference papers, panels, workshop and symposia or book proposals.
  • Organizing the Emerging Scholars Research Consortium and the Doctoral Student Consortium at the annual conference to support the success of emerging scholars and doctoral students, while connecting them to seasoned scholars.
  • Exploring how the ILA can support and engage scholars in the association.

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Sample Leadership Scholarship Resources


Photo of multiple doors with one open. Choice concept.

Advancing Leadership Programs: Using Assessment Frameworks

Live Webinar 12/13 June. Drs. Michael Chikeleze, Jay Gary, and Gayle Spencer discuss assessment frameworks including ILA’s General Principles and Guiding Questions, the Council for Advancement of Standards for Higher Education, and the Carnegie Elective Classification for Leadership for Public Purpose.

Red Fox

Aesop and the Follies of Followers

Live Webinar 1 June. Joanne Ciulla, leadership ethics expert and ILA Lifetime Achievement Awardee, discusses eight Aesop’s fables that illustrate mistakes followers make about those who lead.


Photo of an ordinary cat looking into a mirror and seeing an extraordinary lion

Leadership and the Devaluation of the Mundane

ILA Fellow Keith Grint delves into the reciprocal processes of extraordinarization and mundanization whereby the actions of certain groups are deemed “heroic” while the actions of other, less privileged groups, are deemed “ordinary.” This process impedes the acquisition of equality and justice around particular tasks while insidiously masquerading as normality.

Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern and the Challenges of Leadership

What can former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s leadership of New Zealand reveal about the complex mix of authenticity, transparency, and masking that all leaders must grapple with? ILA Fellow Suze Wilson explores this question and more.