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Alexandra Perry
Alexandra Perry
Assistant Professor of Leadership and Ethics, McDonough Center for Leadership, Marietta College
Emily Schuck
Emily Schuck
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment, Director of Student Financial Services, Professor, Marietta College
Robert McManus
Robert McManus
Executive Director of Applied Leadership, Professor of Leadership, Muskingum University

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The Ethics & Leadership Member Community is an ongoing platform for discussions about research, practices, frameworks, and contextual approaches concerning ethics and leadership.

Priorities and Projects

  1. Launch our Ethics & Leadership online Intersections community this month.
  2. Mobilize ILA members with curiosity and a point of view about leadership ethics in business, academia, governments, NGOs, and Non-Profits.
  3. Draft a 2021-2022 roadmap, including a provocative speaker series and impactful learning and best practices sessions to increase the impact of the Ethics and Leadership community.
  4. Share new research and promising practices.
  5. Provide leadership and volunteer opportunities that play to your strengths and your calendar demands.

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Sample Ethics Resources



Diverse hands and arms (made out of tissue paper) coming together to form a heart.

Leading With Care: What’s Stopping Us?

Leah Tomkins joins those who advocate for the importance of leading with care. She surfaces why the language and emotions of care often make people feel uncomfortable and how this can make care seem irrelevant or unnecessary for leadership and leadership development.

Sign saying Stop Putin's Aggression at Protest in London February 2022


How long will the Russian people put up with Putin’s aggression in Ukraine? In an authoritarian state, you need the support of the elite. As living standards begin to fall and more Russian and Ukrainian lives are lost, Matt Qvortrup, an expert on comparative democracy, argues that Putin’s position will become more and more precarious.