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Leadership Development

Leadership development improves both individual and collective leadership capabilities through activities such as training, workshops, experiential learning, resilience, self-care, mindfulness, coaching, and mentoring. The objective is to empower individuals and groups to guide themselves and others toward specific achievable goals that may change over time. The Leadership Development Member Community welcomes practitioners, scholars, teachers, students, coaches, trainers, and others who cultivate leadership knowledge and skills in themselves and others.

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Member Community Leaders

ILA Member Community leaders serve as ILA’s trusted experts in the field of leadership

Lana Leslie

Lana Leslie


Managing Director
Gunnedah Hill Aboriginal Leadership & Management

Deirdre Dixon

Deirdre Dixon


Associate Director, Center for Leadership, University of Tampa

Kerissa Kuis

Kerissa Kuis


CEO, BRAVE Leadership School

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Executive Leadership Team

Our activities and programs are organized by this dedicated team of member volunteers. If you would like to deepen your engagement, please use the email above to contact us about volunteer opportunities.

Michellea “Redbird” Millis Rucker
Vice Chair, First Nations
Transforming Our Practice, LLC.

Otto C Henfling
Vice Chair, Research
Principal Consultant/Managing Director
Trusted Leadership

Renee Green
Executive Leadership Coach/Professor
University of Phoenix/Professor Miller-Monte (Ancora)
Passionate Coaching and Career Service LLC

Chrys Egan
ILA Global Conference Leadership Development Stream Leader
Associate Dean
Fulton School of Liberal Arts, Salisbury University

Robin Roberts
ILA Global Conference Leadership Development Stream Co-Leader
Assistant Professor, Technology and Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Brian Redmond
Vice Chair, Global Voices
Teaching Professor & Online Education Lead, Pennsylvania State University

Priorities and Projects

Host Interactive Programs

Hosting interactive programs throughout the year on global leadership development

ILA Newsletter Insights

Contributing articles to the ILA Interface Newsletter

Cross-Sector Collaborations

Organizing multi-sector and international collaborations for conference sessions and annual networking luncheon

Global Leadership Hub

Building a repository of interdisciplinary global leadership development resources for consultants, coaches, practitioners, businesses, and scholars that includes rigorous research, best practices, and trends.

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Navigate ILA Intersections, an exclusive online member resource. Engage in vibrant discussions with like-minded leaders, access members-only resources and ILA’s online member directory.


Our activities and programs are organized by our dedicated team of member volunteers. If you would like to deepen your engagement, please email us about volunteer opportunities at


The ILA offers a wide variety of leadership resources to help you elevate your leadership research and practice.

3 Cubes with ? stacked on a beige and grey background

Why Inquiring Leadership Matters

Live Webinar 6 March 2024 at 12pm EST (UTC-5). In this practical, informative, and experiential webinar, Marilee Adams discusses Inquiring Leadership and the importance of mindsets for leaders. Choice Map, a practical model that illustrates how to embody an effective mindset is introduced.

Photo of dried up lake bed with a person crouching before the remaining shoreline.

Leadership: A Threat or Solution to Securing a Better Future?

Too often scientists and activists lead the way in advocating change, not the political and corporate leaders who actually have the power and authority to effect change. What role, though, does the leadership industry play in challenging leaders to address political, social, and economic systems that are inequitable and unsustainable?

Law & Order... & Leadership. Innovating Leadership Co-Creating Our Future. With Maureen Metcalf.

Law & Order…& Leadership

Can law enforcement rise to the challenge of reforming policing with new styles of leadership? Rob Elkington and Les Sylven discuss policing challenges and offer some surprising solutions that any leader of a high-stress workforce will find extremely useful!