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Kathleen Curran
Kathleen Curran
Fellow, Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University
Cheryl Harris
Cheryl Harris
Senior Vice President, Sourcing and Procurement Solutions, Allstate Insurance Company

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The Business Leadership Member Community brings together and serves corporate leaders, directors, consultants and others who focus on leadership development and effectiveness in business settings. It creates opportunities to share perspectives and information about leadership challenges, innovative approaches, effective practices, and applied research.

Priorities and Projects

  • Supporting the Power of Purpose 2021 Summit Series
  • Implementing projects that serve the needs of business leaders
  • Advancing leadership knowledge & practice for a better corporate world
  • Creating opportunities for members to become involved in the business leadership community
  • Strengthening the ILA business leadership network by attracting and enrolling new corporate and individual members
  • Organizing focused conference programs to specifically meet the needs of business leaders

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Sample Business Leadership Resources


Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leadership Podcast. Episode 176 - Annemarie de Jong - Inclusive, Invested, & Immersive. The Official Podcast of the International Leadership Association

Inclusive, Invested, & Immersive

Scott talks with Annemarie de Jong, CEO of Better Future, on the unique work she and her team are doing as “Impact Facilitators” and “Business Backpackers.”

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leadership Podcast. Episode 173 - Jeff Strese - An Interdisciplinary Lens. The Official Podcast of the International Leadership Association

An Interdisciplinary Lens

Scott talks with Jeff Strese about the unique context of family-owned businesses, focusing on leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and family dynamics.

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leadership Podcast. Episode 172 - Dr. Susan Murphy - Strategic Thinking. The Official Podcast of the International Leadership Association

Strategic Thinking

ILA Board Member, Dr. Susan Murphy, talks with Scott about her work at the University of Edinburgh, strategic thinking, and leadership development throughout one’s lifetime.


Piggy Bank in front of a Black Board that says "Too Big?"

Barbara Kellerman on Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon, the chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase has often come under the pen of Barbara Kellerman. Read her most recent reflection on his leadership.

Abstract glowing polygonal head background with neurons. Artificial intelligence and information concept. 3D Rendering

Rise of the Machines

ILA Fellow, Professor Richard Bolden, asked ChatGPT-4 to identify the top implications of AI for leadership. Bolden shares the generative AI’s response as well as some general principles leadership professionals can lean into to help mitigate the risks of AI.


Question Mark

Advancing Leadership Programs: Asking Guiding Questions

Dr. Trisha Gott, Dr. Denny Roberts, and Rian Satterwhite will discuss recommendations from ILA’s General Principles for Leadership Programs’ and share how attendees can use the principles in their own organizations.

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