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Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

Leaders Developing Leaders at Western University

How can the Collegiate Leadership Competition serve as a cornerstone for student leadership programming? Scott talks with Western University’s CLC leaders about their unique approach to using CLC as a tool for student leaders developing other student leaders.

The Collegiate Leadership Competition

Bela Jevtovic & Dan Jenkins join Scott to discuss the Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC). CLC, a nonprofit founded in 2015, creates a digital practice field where students can actively apply what they learn via CLC’s global virtual competition.

This Is Day One

Drew Dudley is a leadership educator and speaker who focuses on creating value-driven cultures of leadership. His TED talk was recently named one of TIME Magazine’s “Seven Speeches That Will Make You a Better Leader.” Drew joins Scott to share his signature wisdom on everyday leadership.

An Integrative Approach

Barbara Crosby joins Scott to talk about an integrative approach to leadership. Crosby is associate professor emerita at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs and former academic co-director of the Center for Integrative Leadership at the University of Minnesota.

Dark Gifts of the Pandemic

Dr. Steve Mortenson is an award-winning teacher and researcher. Steve’s mission is to help people help themselves by sharing transformative tools for building personal skills and relational effectiveness. He received his Ph.D. in Communication from Purdue University.

The Creator Mindset

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer is a retired U. S. Air Force officer and the founder of Ideal Wealth Grower – an educational organization helping people get away from exchanging time for money and building an asset-based portfolio using residential real estate. Through teaching, online learning, mentoring, and coaching, Ideal Wealth Grower helps members help themselves find success.

Simple Complexity

Dr. William (Willy) Donaldson is a Professor of Management at the Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business at Christopher Newport University. Willy has over 30 years of experience as a board member and president and has been CEO of eight companies including a publicly-traded company and an international joint-venture. Willy is the Founder and President of Strategic Venture Planning, a management consulting firm that helps boards, investors and senior management teams maximize results.

Bramble Bushes in a Thicket

“In the complex environment of the current business world, leaders often will be called upon to act against their instincts. They will need to know when to share power and when to wield it alone, when to look to the wisdom of the group and when to take their own counsel. A deep understanding of context, the ability to embrace complexity and paradox, and a willingness to flexibly change leadership style will be required for leaders who want to make things happen in a time of increasing uncertainty.” – Snowden and Boone

Relational Ingenuity

Laura Guilliam manages leadership research and development projects at Progressive Insurance. Her primary interest is the individual and cultural impact of emotionally intelligent leaders—creating and sustaining positive organizational relationships within virtual and in-office work environments. Laura brings 26 years of practitioner experience to the ongoing study of organizational development and change.

What’s Your Leadership Brand?

Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD, is a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where she teaches courses on leadership. Catherine spent more than ten years in marketing and communication leadership roles ranging from marketing healthcare conferences to writing speeches on payment card security. She now leads learning and development for a software company.