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Leadership: A Threat or Solution to Securing a Better Future?

Too often scientists and activists lead the way in advocating change, not the political and corporate leaders who actually have the power and authority to effect change. What role, though, does the leadership industry play in challenging leaders to address political, social, and economic systems that are inequitable and unsustainable?

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It’s Overwhelming

Jonathan Gosling joins Scott for an engaging conversation on what’s top of mind for him these days: Systems change and making a difference in the world. He also reflects on how the leadership development industry has made itself irrelevant with its focus on the entrepreneurial individual.

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Learning From the Bees

ILA member Kathleen Allen explores the contributions of worker bees in Nature and in organizations. Contrary to popular opinion, “worker bees” significantly impact organizational systems. Like bees in Nature, they create the buzz!

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Ignite Your Flame of Activated Hope

Leaders who are catalysts inhabit the radical place between the present and the future as they apply activated hope to ignite powerful change in their organizations, communities, and themselves. ILA Fellow Professor Chellie Spiller shares 8 key insights leaders need to strike the match of potential.

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Who Do We Choose To Be?

Margaret Wheatley joins Scott and guest co-host Kathy Allen to discuss the arc of her work over the past 30 years, restoring sanity, and training people to work at the local level.

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