Crisis Leadership

As an iterative phenomenon involving factors such as leaders, followers, culture, and context, leadership is already quite complex. Crises take that complexity to another level. 

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Below are a selection of recent resources, by category. You can view all Crisis Leadership resources here.


Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders
No Shared Notion of Reality

Dr. Suze Wilson discusses the intersections of disinformation, trust, and leadership. People are not prepared to tolerate any discomfort or sacrifices needed to address big challenges like climate...

NASPA logo for leadership podcast
Crisis Leadership Part II

Podcast with ILA President Cynthia Cherrey for the NASPA Student Leadership Programs knowledge community on leading through crisis.


False Positives: A Pandemic of Prozac Leadership

Being positive can facilitate transformational leadership but taken to extremes it can become insincere and manipulative. Excessive positivity constitutes a significant barrier to reflection and learning. By silencing...

Newsletter Articles

Protective Mask on Street Sign that Says Broadway
The Year Was 2020

In this Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner, Rad Pereira and Jan Cohen-Cruz discuss socially engaged performance in the context of the pandemic, Black Lives...