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A Cartography of Resistance: Leadership, Management, and Command

Phronesis Practical Wisdom for Leaders Podcast -Episode 227 - Dr. Keith Grint - A Cartography of Resistance: Leadership, Management, and Command- The official Podcast of the International Leadership Association

Guest: Professor Keith Grint


ILA Fellow and Lifetime Achievement Awardee Keith Grint joins Scott to discuss his forthcoming book, A Cartography Of Resistance: Leadership, Management & Command.

Grint is Professor Emeritus at Warwick University and is founding co-editor with David Collinson of the journal Leadership. He also co-founded the International Studying Leadership Conference. His most recent books include: Leadership, Management & Command: Rethinking D-Day (2008); Leadership: A Very Short Introduction (2010); and Mutiny and Leadership (2021).

Host Scott J. Allen

Scott J. Allen

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., is the Robert M. Ginn Institute Professor for Leadership & Social Responsibility at John Carroll University. Allen is a professor of management and teaches courses in leadership, the future of work, and executive communication.

Scott has published more than 60 book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. He is the co-author of The Little Book of Leadership Development: 50 Ways to Bring Out the Leader in Every EmployeeEmotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for College StudentsCaptovation: Online Presentations by Design;  and the textbook Discovering Leadership: Designing Your Success (2023).

In addition to writing and teaching, Scott consults, facilitates workshops, and leads retreats across industries. Learn more about Scott at

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