An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Values-based Leadership For The Common Good

Presenter: Bill Grace

Date: 29 February 2012


We stand at a pivotal juncture in history where the fabric of society may unravel at an irrecoverable rate or be re-woven with a new strength and resilience. There is a great deal of profound potential in our midst to recast our collective future for the good of all. In a world stretched to the limit of viability by divisive “us-them” thinking, we need a worldview founded upon a greater truth: the unity of humankind and the wholeness of the planet. Though times of instability may create anxiety, they are also opportune moments to develop new responses born of a worldview more suited for these times- the common good.

In his new book Sharing the Rock: Shaping Our Future through Leadership for the Common Good leadership educator and activist Bill Grace presents a model to do just that by cultivating a worldview rooted in the common good. This simple model recasts leadership as being values-based, inclusive of all and sustained by a fierce urgency to act together on behalf of our common future. This webinar will explore the seven leadership practices Sharing the Rock including: Aligning leadership with values Embracing the wisdom of the margins Co-creating gracious space Receiving hope Acting with courage Participants of this webinar will:
  • Discover the importance of the Common Good worldview for our time
  • Learn the basics of the seven practices of Leadership for the Common Good
  • Discover daily behaviors that help us develop greater capacity of these seven practices

Speaker Information

Bill Grace
Bill Grace is a social justice activist, a traveling teacher, and an architect of ideas. From 1976-1991 Bill served in Higher Education promoting ideas related to moral and civic responsibility, service learning and global citizenship. In 1991 Bill founded the Center for Ethical Leadership. The Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the common good through ethical leadership, civic responsibility and collaborative problem solving. During Bill’s tenure the Center developed a national reputation for innovative and inspired leadership development programs focused on the creation a just society. He served as Executive Director for the next 14 years.

His recent book Sharing the Rock: Shaping Our Future through Leadership for the Common Good is being used a springboard for a national movement called compact for the Common Good. In addition his current research and writing has focused on the development of spirit-inspired leadership, in order to call forth the wisdom, courage and hope needed in these times. Bill also believes that leadership must be grounded in a global sense of the common good. Therefore he promotes leadership and social action that is grounded in spiritual development, inclusiveness and compassion all of which deepen our commitment to pursue a just and peaceful world. Bill directs Common Good Works and speaks and leads seminars around the world.