An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

A Cartography of Resistance: Leadership, Management & Command

A Cartography of Resistance: Leadership, Management & Command With Professor Keith Grint.


With Professor Keith Grint 

Cost: Free to ILA Members; $9.95 for non-members.

This webinar considers a brief array of examples of resistance across time and space to consider the importance of going beyond leadership to explain the success or failure of the cases. It starts with resistance to the Romans in Europe, travels through the resistance of enslaved people in the West Indies, looks at resistance movements at work, resistance to the Nazis, resistance to racism and misogyny in World War II, and finally ends with resistance in Malaya and Iraq. The theoretical framework focuses particularly on exploring the nature of resistance, and uses Camus’ work on Sisyphus to consider why people resist even when the circumstances appear hopeless.

Following the presentation, Professor Grint will engage in a lively Q&A with the audience. 

Headshot of Keith Grint

Keith Grint is Professor Emeritus at Warwick University. He has held Chairs at Cranfield University and Lancaster University and was Director of Research at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University. He is a Fellow of the International Leadership Association (ILA) and Professorial Fellow of the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM). He is also a founding co-editor with David Collinson of the journal Leadership, and co-founder of the International Studying Leadership Conference. He received ILA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. His books include The Arts of Leadership (2000); Organizational Leadership (2005); Leadership: Limits and Possibilities (2005); Leadership, Management & Command: Rethinking D-Day (2008); Leadership: A Very Short Introduction (2010); and Mutiny and Leadership (2021).

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