An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: Leadership Education K-12

Presenter: Mariam MacGregor

Date: 9 December 2008


Comprehensive leadership education has typically been reserved for college students and adults while leadership experiences for younger students have traditionally involved student council or volunteer activities, without much else. With today’s K-12 emphasis on achieving testing goals and academic data collection, leadership development takes even more of a back seat. Yet there are ways to integrate leadership across school curricula from “kindergarten to graduation” that enrich student success, high academic standards and positive school culture without compromise testing and standards-based education. This year’s historic election illustrates the power of youth voice and interest in leadership role models. It presents an ideal springboard to elevate leadership efforts beyond the perfunctory. Forget about “leadership theory,” conducting leadership efforts that fully engage the new generation requires creative approaches, action-oriented ideas, maximizing instructional minutes, and meeting kids where they’re at in order to make personal leadership development as real-life relevant as possible. As these kids and teens mature, it will become obvious that this technologically savvy group won’t sit by the sidelines. Their reliance on social networking and ability to connect globally provide ideal ways to promote leadership for all ages. In addition to exploring ways to incorporate leadership in the lives of kids and teens, we’ll explore ways to engage college students, parents and professional colleagues in this endeavor.

Speaker Information

Mariam MacGregor is the founder of (now, an online resource center for individuals interested in youth leadership and working with youth leaders. She has served as a leadership consultant, school counselor, and coordinator of various leadership programs and with this expertise she has authored many young adult books. Some of her famous books include Everyday Leadership: Attitudes and Actions for Respect and SuccessTeambuilding with Teens: Activities for Leadership, Decision Making, and Group Success, and Let’s Talk: Leadership for Kids.