An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Leading Transformational Change – A Compass for Better Co-Creation

Leading Collectively Bookcover

Presenters: Petra Kuenkel

Date: 22 March 2017

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This webinar will showcase the Collective Leadership Compass — a systemic meta-level guiding tool for navigating complex change in a collaborative way. The compass focuses on invigorating co-creative human interaction patterns as core drivers of transition processes and empowers leaders and change agents to navigate collaboration successfully. It highlights patterns of human competencies in interaction in six dimensions: Future Possibilities, Engagement, Innovation, Humanity, Collective Intelligence, and Wholeness.

Enacting these dimensions by paying attention to their joint presence leads to a higher degree of vitality and resilience in individuals, teams, organizations, and collaboration systems. It also strengthens the ability of individuals and collectives to deal with challenges and crises. It does not create forced harmony, but enhances a constructive way of dealing with differences, increases levels of joint learning and creates easier access to love and reconciliation as an underlying human trait. It can be used to assess, plan, and enact the collaborative change required for sustainability — both as a diagnose tool and a process methodology.

This webinar is recommended for anyone willing to implement change jointly at all levels of our global society.

Outcome of Attending

  • Improvement of co-creation: Through the Compass the participants will learn how to use the patterned guiding structure that invigorates self-organized improvement of co-creation.
  • Enhancement of balance between rational and intuition: The participants will experience the Compass as a tool that combines rational decision-making with intuitive sense making.
  • Invigoration of human competencies: The participants will learn to invigorate their existing human competencies through experiencing the dimensions of the Compass and their potential as a guiding structure.

Speaker Information

Petra Kuenkel

Petra Kuenkel, full member of the Club of Rome, is a leading strategic advisor to pioneering international multistakeholder initiatives that tackle common goods and sustainability issues. She promotes the scaling-up of leadership and collaboration skills for change agents from the private and public sector and civil society. She is a pioneering thinker on re-inventing leadership as a collective competence and has a profound background in leadership development and in conceptualizing dialogic change as approach to effective change leadership in complex systems. Kuenkel is an expert for complex cross-sector and cross-institutional partnering, multi-stakeholder dialogues and standard development for value chains. She is executive director and co-founder of the nonprofit Collective Leadership Institute located in Germany and South Africa. Learn more at