An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Global Followership – Assessing Leading and Following Factors Across Cultures

Presenters: Abdurrahim Hocagil, Albena Ivanova, Petros Malakyan, and Violet E. Taylor (Moderator)

Date: 29 June 2022


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This webinar will explore the global aspects of followership and emphasize the importance and influence of global followership to global leadership in current complex contexts.  The presenters will discuss how followership and following behaviours vary in different cultures to examine the relationship between global leaders and global followers. Examples of how global followership approaches can help solve challenging issues will be shared and examined.

Outcome of Attending

  • Learn about the concept of Global Followership
  • Explore the roles global followers play on global leadership processes and outcomes
  • Examine how proactive global followers can enable global leaders to more efficiently address and solve global issues.
  • Consider contextual considerations for proactive global followership

Speaker Information

Abdurrahim Hocagil

Abdurrahim Hocagil, PhD, Chair, ILA Followership Member Community; Consultant, Yedidea

Abdurrahim Hocagil consults with Yedidea, and is the Managing Director GEOSPRO Geographic Information Systems Inc. He recently started teaching Organizational Behavior/Theory in Waterloo, Canada at the Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. His passion for followership started in the early years of his PhD education. Since then, he has conducted studies and written about intercultural followership and global followership, presented at conferences, and consulted to organizations on followership and earned his Ph.D. His dissertation research explored global followership as a phenomenon within global organizational contexts, providing insights on how to be an effective global follower in global organizational context that is influenced by global contextual factors.

Albena Ivanova

Albena Ivanova, PhD, Professor in Operations Management, Robert Morris University

Albena Ivanova is a Professor in Operations Management at Robert Morris University. She earned her Doctoral degree in Operations Management Sciences from the University of Minnesota, MBA  in Management Information Systems and B.S. in Business Administration from Economic University Varna, Bulgaria. Her research interest includes factors that affect the adoption, implementation, and outcomes of management standards. Her work has been presented at many conferences and published in Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, Quality Management Journal, International Journal of Production Economics, and Production and Inventory Control Journal.

Petros Malakyan

Petros Malakyan, PhD, Professor of Organizational Leadership, Robert Morris University and Founding President of the National Leadership Institute, Yerevan, Armenia

Petros G. Malakyan is a Professor of Organizational Leadership and Chair of the Department of Communication and Organizational Leadership at Robert Morris University. Previously he was Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Leadership Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University and Associate Professor and Program Director of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Program at Azusa Pacific University. In Armenia, Petros was the Founding Director of the National Leadership Institute in Yerevan and Assistant Professor at Yerevan State University. Petros holds terminal degrees from the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary. His research focuses on global leadership and followership, leader-follower relationships in organizations across cultures, and leadership in the digital age. His work has been published in a wide variety of journals including the Journal of Leadership Studies, Journal of Organizational Psychology, Journal of Leadership, Accountability, and Ethics, and the International Journal of Sresenterocial Science Research.

Violet E. Taylor

Violet E. Taylor, DSL, recent graduate in Strategic Leadership at Southeastern University

Violet E. Taylor, DSL, earned a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Southeastern Universiy. She is a servant and transformational leader and follower who is passionate about valuing and empowering others. With over 27 years of service in various followership and leadership endeavors, Violet has advocated for followers, ethical leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion. An international speaker and trainer, her accomplishments include ILA presentations on leading authentically, ethical decision-making, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Taylor is also an author with recent publications on followership and the plight of women. Her manuscript, Owning my Scar: A Transformational Journey to Effective Leadership, is pending publication.