An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

El Cìrculo (the Circle) Leading Across Generations: A Model From Young Latino Leaders

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with Dr. Juana Bordas

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Due to immense generational shifts, there is an urgency to transfer leadership to younger people. Millennials and Gen Zs are the most numerous in history. By 2036, they will be more than half of eligible voters. Latinos are the harbingers of this change 60% are Millennials or younger. Never before has an ethnic group make up so large a share of young Americans. 

This webinar explores an intergenerational leadership model based on the voices, perspectives, and practices of young Latinos. These practices are applicable to leadership development across all ages, communities, and sectors who aspire to incorporate an intergenerational approach. Young leaders today face an uncertain future. Many identify as changemakers and understand the systemic roots of oppression. They are incorporating a social change form of leadership with an intersectional multicultural approach that includes a binary gender identity and global connectivity.

Intergenerational leadership is sharing responsibility with people of different ages and integrating the vision, priorities, and methods utilized by distinct generations into the leadership process.

By attending this webinar, participants will:

  1. Explore the seismic generational shifts: 10,000 baby boomers retire every day. Millennials and Z’s are the largest generation – Half come from communities of color; 60% of Latinos are millennials or younger.
  2. Learn to increase support for young multicultural leaders, and adapt leadership practices to reflect their priorities, strategies, and vision
  3. Review a model based on how young Latinos lead which is applicable across leadership programs and provides intergenerational practices.
  4. Expand understanding of the multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial society young leaders are seeking to create today.

Juana’s latest book will be available beginning March 28th. Pre-order your copy today

Juana Bordas

Dr. Juana Bordas is the author of Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age and The Power of Latino Leadership. Both books received the International Latino Book Award and are break-through work in the multicultural leadership field. Her new book The Power of Latino Leadership ¡Ahora! will be released March 2023.

Juana served as advisor to Harvard’s Hispanic Journal, the Kellogg National Fellows, as trustee of Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership and International Leadership Association (ILA). She was the first Latino to receive ILA’s life-time achievement award and was intiated into The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.

Linda Olson

Dr. Linda Olson (Moderator) began teaching at the University of Denver in 2000 and became the Director of PLP in 2004. Her PhD is in communication studies and her area of research has included collaborative leadership, group and team communication, leadership development, leadership and sustainability, and leadership ethics. Linda’s current interests are focused on assessment of leadership learning and the leadership development process of undergraduate students. She brings a vibrant interest in international and intercultural issues to the classroom as she has taught and led groups involved in international learning and service throughout the world. Dr. Olson was also known as Mayor Olson for the City of Englewood as she served on city council from 2009-2021.