An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Authentic Leadership: Clashes, Convergences and Coalescences

Presenters: Chellie Spiller and Donna Ladkin

Date: 14 May 2014

Visit the Edward Elgar Publishing website or your favorite bookstore to buy the book on which this webinar is based.


Authentic Leadership: Clashes, Convergences and Coalescences co-edited by Donna Ladkin (UK) and Chellie Spiller (NZ) offers a provocative rethinking of the heroic, leader-centric notions apparent in much authentic leadership theorizing by shifting the conversation towards an appreciation of the relational and contextual factors at play in our experience of ‘authenticity’. This recently released book connects over 40 international scholars and practitioners from the fields of leadership, philosophy, sociology, psychology, business and the arts to discuss questions ranging from the nature of authenticity too what happens when a leader is ‘authentically’ a jerk?

Ladkin and Spiller will share their journey from ‘authentic leadership sceptics’ to becoming increasingly intrigued by this complex phenomenon which has become so popular within leadership studies. Please join this webinar on authentic leadership and hear about the many works that pique curiosity, challenge assumptions and provoke further questions and research into the conceptualization of leadership. The presentation will address key issues such as:

  • How do followers know the difference between real and fake leaders anyway?
  • What happens when cultural expectations of what constitutes authenticity clash?
  • Can a leader be ‘authentic’ within virtual contexts?
  • Where is the field heading? And how does this book contribute to its continuing development?

Learn more about this ground-breaking publication by visiting the publisher’s website and view the publication online (Google book format)

Speaker Information

Donna Ladkin is Professor of Leadership and Ethics at Plymouth University in the UK. A graduate of Yale where she studied music and philosophy, Donna’s teaching and research interweave these orientations into her approach to studying leadership, organizational ethics and sustainability-focused organizational practices. She is the author of Rethinking Leadership: A New Look at Old Leadership Questions which won The Integral Leadership Journal’s Book of the Year award in 2010 as well as Authentic Leadership: Clashes, Convergences and Coalescences (co-edited with Chellie Spiller) published in 2013. Upcoming publications include The Physicality of Leadership, co-edited with Steven S. Taylor which will be published by Elsevier in 2014 and Mastering the Ethical Dimension of Organizations a textbook which introduces arts-based practices to the ethical business arena (Edward Elgar, 2015).

Chellie Spiller researches, writes and lectures at the University of Auckland Business School. Her PhD investigated how Māori businesses create authentic and sustainable wealth and well-being. Chellie was a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Arizona between Nov 2011 and Mar 2012. She is a recipient of a 2011 Dame Mira Szászy Māori Alumni Award, 2011 National Māori Academic Excellence Award, and 2010 AuSM Best Lecturer Award, AUT University. Along with Authentic Leadership her research interests include Wisdom in Organisations, Ethics, Relational Wellbeing and Wealth, Maori and Indigenous modes of business. As well as co-editing Authentic Leadership: Clashes, Convergences and Coalescences, Chellie has two new major book projects underway: Wayfinding and Leading and Indigenous Spirituality at Work.