ILA Podcasts

ILA partners with ILA Fellows and members on the following:

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders is produced in partnership with ILA Fellow and past ILA Board member Scott J. Allen and is ILA’s official podcast. 

ILA Fellow Maureen Metcalf partners with ILA on a series of Global Leadership episodes within her podcast Innovating Leadership

ILA Members Lauren Bullock and Dan Jenkins partner with ILA to feature the work of ILA members on a series of episodes within the Leadership Educator Podcast

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Advancing Leadership in Peace and Security

Peter and Patrick, the GCSP co-leaders talk about their work to build leadership to promote global peace. They discuss their biggest concerns at this point in history and share some of the work they are focused on to improve peace in security leadership.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Leveraging Polarities in Complex and Turbulent Times

According to Barry Johnson, “in today’s world of increasing interdependency and complexity, it is vital to utilize problem solving AND both/and thinking to address your most strategic challenges and opportunities. The research is clear – leaders, teams and organizations that leverage Polarities well outperform those that don’t.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Values and Story Telling to Deliver Results

Michelle talks about what is most important in creating sustainable success. Sebastian’s work takes leaders and their teams to the new levels of performance and business results.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

The Dance Between Leadership and Followership

We start with Margaret Heffernan talking about Turbulence as a chronic condition. Leadership is about building organizations that thrive in turbulence. Then Ira talks about understanding that to bring out the best leadership requires the best followership.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Inner Peace Nurtures Global Impact

This interview is part of the 2017 International Leadership Association Conference Interview series in Brussels Belgium. Kathryn talks about what leaders need in order to be transformational in turbulent times.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Creating Mindful Organizations

How do we create organizations that promote mindfulness and joy during work? Subanhu talks about how to build mindfulness in organizations. Michelle talks about how she demonstrates authenticity as a leader, a CEO, and a mother.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

How Do We Work And Live With Purpose and Compassion?

In the context of the changes we anticipate in the coming years from population growth in Africa to climate incidents to block chain, what is required of leaders now in this era. There is nothing we can do to protect ourselves if we are not protecting each other globally.

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Maximizing Profit and Social Impact Concurrently – A Case Study

Business is a social institution. Can we maximize value for the firm and at the same time create value for society? How is shareholder value maximization aligned with or in conflict with social good. Mike gives examples of how he drives both profit and social impact. This includes: 1. Appreciative inquiry summit 2. Partnering with Autistic organization to hire adults with autism to fill routine jobs 3. Hiring interns to fill roles and providing education How have you created buy-in for novel processes? 1. Use tools like appreciative inquiry to create alignment, involvement, and commitment across the entire organization 2. Establish processes for inclusion of staff and clients and at the same time ensure leaders retain positive control and accountability for results

Maureen Metcalf Podcast Cover

Leaders Building On Moral Purpose to Create A Just World

Jorrit talks about the leadership journey Deloitte is creating for people from entering the firm through their retirement. The second speaker in this interview is George Papandreou, Former Prime Minister of Greece. He talks about his leadership journey in democracy.