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Leaders Developing Leaders at Western University

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

with Meg U'Ren, Ashley Li, & Allison White


How can the competition serve as a cornerstone for student leadership programming? Scott talks with Western University’s CLC leaders about their unique approach to using CLC as a tool for student leaders developing other student leaders.

What is the CLC?
Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC), a nonprofit founded in 2015, creates a digital practice field where students can actively apply what they learn via CLC’s global virtual competition.

Colleges and universities identify a coach and recruit teams of six students. Any student interested in practicing leadership is welcome. Throughout the experience, each team member leads one challenge and receives extensive feedback based on their performance.

The competition begins in January. Competition activities occur via Zoom. The top 25 teams with the highest cumulative point total after the first four challenges compete in the global head-to-head in April.

CLC’s curriculum explores the attributes of effective leaders, leadership/followership styles, creative problem solving, influencing others, navigating difficult conversations, conflict resolution, delegation, stressors, and effective teaming.

About the Guest

Meg U’Ren began her career as a high school teacher and eventually found her way into student affairs. She leads Student Engagement Programs at Western University and works with students to develop their own leadership. Check out her podcast, 40 Things at 40!

Allison White is a third-year university student pursuing an Honours in Business Administration degree at the Ivey Business School.  She got involved with the Leadership and Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP) at Western as a first-year committee member in 2018-2019 and remained involved as Leadership Chair in 2019-2020 and Leadership Student Coordinator in 2020-2021.

Ashley Li is a third-year Neuroscience student at Western University. She has been involved with mentorship and campus leadership throughout her undergraduate career and is currently serving as the  Leadership and Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP) Leadership Student Coordinator in 2020-2021.

Host Scott J. Allen

Scott Allen

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., is the Standard Products—Dr. James S. Reid Chair in Management at John Carroll University. He is an associate professor and teaches courses in leadership, management skills, and executive communication. He is also a communications coach, consultant, author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. For almost two decades, he’s worked with clients to improve their leadership and communication skills. Learn more about Scott here.

About Phronesis

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders offers a smart, fast-paced discussion on all things leadership. Scott and his expert guests cover timely, relevant topics and incorporate practical tips designed to help you make a difference in how you lead and live.