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Global Leadership: Research, Practice and Development

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with Allan Bird and Joyce Osland

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This interview focuses on the book Global Leadership: Research, Practice and Development with two co-authors. They discuss how significant the issue of global leadership is and how we identify, develop and support our leaders so they can run enterprises that thrive. It is also important to understand the scope, complexity and challenging this work brings and the difficulty this presents for leaders. Some topics include: 1. What is it about the global context that makes leading globally so challenging? 2. What are the critical requirements of global leaders with respect to change and innovation? 3. How does culture impact global change initiatives? 4. How do we develop global leaders who are skilled at change and innovation? 5. How can global leaders build and maintain innovative organizations?

About the Guest

Allan Bird

Allan Bird, Ph.D., is the Darla and Frederick Brodsky Trustee Professor in Global Business at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. He has authored, co-authored or edited nine books, more than 90 journal articles and book chapters. His most recent book (with M.E. Mendenhall, J.S. Osland, G.R. Oddou, M.L. Maznevski, M. Stevens and G. Stahl) Global Leadership: Research, Practice and Development (3rdEdition) was published in 2017.

Joyce Osland

Joyce Osland, Ph. D., is the Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center at San Jose State University where she co-founded the Global Leadership Passport Program, Certificate in Advanced Global Leadership, and the innovative GLLab (assessment center). Joyce won her field’s highest teaching award based on her contributions to global leadership development and experiential learning. She is also a prolific, award-winning scholar with over 150 publications. Joyce co-edits Advances in Global Leadership and Global Leadership: Research, Practices, and Development. She consults with universities and global organizations and is a senior partner of the Kozai Group, which creates global assessment instruments. Prior to becoming an academic, Joyce lived and worked for 15 years in seven countries, primarily in the field of international development and training.

Host Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf brings 30 years of experience and success in the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology. A regular contributor to, Metcalf has authored an award-winning book series on leadership and is the Founder & CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute. She is the host of an Innovating Leadership, a weekly international podcast that hit the airways in July 2015. As an ILA Fellow, Maureen partners with the International Leadership Associate on a series of global leadership podcasts within the show.