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with Rebeca Gyumi and Yasmine Hasnaoiu

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In 2017, Rebeca won the International Visiting Leaders Alumni Award for Innovation and Social Change. Rebeca petitioned the Tanzania High Court that ruled that the Marriage Act – which allowed girls as young as 14 to be married – was unconstitutional. Yasmine Hasnaoui is an expert on conflict resolution with a focus on sub-Saharan conflict. Both are graduates of the US Department of state International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) for young leaders. This show focuses on the impact both women have made in their countries and internationally. They discuss their leadership journeys, both coming from humble backgrounds. They also talk about their recent accomplishments and goals. Both women are making a significant impact within their countries and also impacting international relations. They are an inspiration to young leaders who aspire to change the world and to experienced leaders as a reminder of what happens when we mentor and nurture the next generation of leaders.

About the Guest

Rebeca Gyumi

Rebeca Gyumi is a Founder and Director at Msichana Initiative, a local NGO which aims to empower girl child through education and address key challenges which limit girl right to education.
Rebeca is involved in different campaign and social charities as a volunteer and ambassador, advocating for safe schools and quality education to Tanzanian students. She works to achieve a changed society where citizens are involved in creating solutions for their own pressing problems.
In Nov, 2013, she was selected by US embassy Tanzania under US Department of state to attend International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) for youth with leadership potential.
Her passion to end child marriages in Tanzania In July 2016 she put a petition at Tanzania High Court ruled that the Marriage Act – which allowed girls as young as 14 to be married – was unconstitutional.
She later won United Nations Global Goals Awards in social change category due to efforts in ending child marriages in Tanzania.

Yasmine Hasnaoiu

Yasmine Hasnaoiu is a PhD researcher on conflict resolution, Sahara conflict, She is the President of the Advisory Council for International Associations at Global Ties US and Board Member of the Moroccan Institute for International Relations. She participated at United Nations sessions about the Sahara Conflict. She is the recipient of the USAID Award for promoting the Moroccan Culture in US Universities.
She has accumulated over 13 years of professional experience in the fields of Communication, Education, International Cooperation and Civil Society during which she established a portfolio of contacts both on a national and international level.

Host Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf brings 30 years of experience and success in the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology. A regular contributor to, Metcalf has authored an award-winning book series on leadership and is the Founder & CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute. She is the host of an Innovating Leadership, a weekly international podcast that hit the airways in July 2015. As an ILA Fellow, Maureen partners with the International Leadership Associate on a series of global leadership podcasts within the show.