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Embodied Leadership and Way Showing For When the Path Is Unclear

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with Donna Ladkin and Chellie Spiller

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This interview explores two critical topics, Embodied leadership and way showing along with ethics. Way showing and embodied leadership include practices for leaders to consider when they are navigating uncharted territory where the path forward is unclear. Ethics, as we have seen over the past years, are critical to build trust and inspire followership. We would like you to walk away with a sense of hope that you as leaders have the ability to amplify your impact. We offer new insight in embodied experience and different ways of knowing and pushing back from “tired” frameworks of leadership as well as a fresh view on ethics. This discussion is designed to help you learn to find your “way” in times where there is no prescribed path ahead. This body of work draws in part from the Maori lineage. It is interesting to listen to well respected leadership researchers explore the combination of ancient traditions and current leadership practices.

About the Guest

Donna Ladkin is Professor of Leadership and Ethics with the Graduate School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University. Informed by her background in philosophy and music her work challenges individualised, trait based accounts of leadership to consider it as an embodied, aesthetic experience with relationality at its heart.

Dr Chellie Spiller, of Maori lineage, is an associate professor at the University of Auckland. Her works include Reflections on Authentic Leadership (2013) with Professor Donna Ladkin, and, Wayfinding Leadership (2015) with Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr and John Panoho. Wayfinding Leadership has catalysed a new approach to leadership development that is growing fast and programmes are currently being taught in a variety of domains. See the TedTalk:

Host Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf brings 30 years of experience and success in the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology. A regular contributor to, Metcalf has authored an award-winning book series on leadership and is the Founder & CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute. She is the host of an Innovating Leadership, a weekly international podcast that hit the airways in July 2015. As an ILA Fellow, Maureen partners with the International Leadership Associate on a series of global leadership podcasts within the show.