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A Passionate African Woman

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

with Funto Boroffice


Funto Boroffice talks about making a difference through her award-winning social enterprise, Chanja Datti, which creates jobs & value from waste collection and recycling in Nigeria. 

Quotes From This Episode

“Passion, started the whole process. I knew that I couldn’t rely on the government to solve some of the issues I was seeing around me. I also knew that it wasn’t a simple case of ‘copy and paste’ from what I did in the U.S., because people’s needs are so different.”

“One of the things that I tried to do is let the result speak for itself.  Because regardless of what you do, when you see results, you can’t argue with results. Plus, not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”

About Funto Boroffice

Funto Boroffice is the founder/C.E.O. of award-winning Chanja Datti Ltd, a waste collection & recycling social enterprise dedicated to transforming the waste in her environment to value and creating jobs, and Quidroo, a fintech startup providing access to working capital for Nigeria SMEs, especially women-owned SMEs. Before starting Chanja Datti, she spent three years as a Senior Aide to Nigeria’s Honorable Minister of Power, covering Investments, Finance & Donor Relations, and before that, 17 years gaining global financial, strategy, and project improvement experience – 12 of which were as a G.E. executive in the U.S., where she was a Vice President, working in the largest G.E. Capital Americas business. She graduated with a Masters’ degree in Financial Management from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business in New York and has a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting and Finance from Northeastern University in Boston, where she graduated cum laude (with honors).

She is a founding member and Vice President of the Recycling Association of Nigeria (R.A.N.), founder of Initiative for the Advancement of Waste Management in Africa (aka W.A.S.T.E. Africa), a Fellow of the Waste Management Society of Nigeria, and an alumnus of the several prestigious local and international programs and sits on several boards. She was recognized in 2021 by Global as one of 11 Change-making Africans that the world needs to know about, recognized by CNBC Rising Woman Africa series as one of 31 African women leaders in 2021, and winner of the 2021 WE Empower UN SDG Challenge.

Host Scott J. Allen

Scott Allen

Scott J. Allen, Ph.D., is the Standard Products—Dr. James S. Reid Chair in Management at John Carroll University. He is an associate professor and teaches courses in leadership, management skills, and executive communication. He is also a communications coach, consultant, author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. For almost two decades, he’s worked with clients to improve their leadership and communication skills. Learn more about Scott here.

About Phronesis

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders offers a smart, fast-paced discussion on all things leadership. Scott and his expert guests cover timely, relevant topics and incorporate practical tips designed to help you make a difference in how you lead and live.