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Nurturing Peace From the Ashes of Violence

Hyppolite Ntigurirwa shares his story of surviving the Rwandan genocide and turning his mind from vengeance to peace and reconciliation. ILA Board Chair Mike Hardy joins in to discuss his own work pointing leaders to peace and his friendship with Ntigurirwa.

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The Month That Shook the World

ILA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Dr. Barbara Kellerman, looks at the Russian invasion of Ukraine through a leadership systems lens. One of the top global thinkers in leadership, Kellerman also has a Master’s in Russian and Eastern European Studies from Yale university.

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The Power of Belief, The Triumph of Voice

ILA Fellow Katherine Tyler Scott discusses the re-emergence of autocratic leadership around the world and its ties to societal anxiety before exploring Ukrainian President Zelensky’s ability to use his voice to encapsulate the universal yearning of humanity to live free.

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I Came Back Yesterday From Moscow

ILA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Dr. Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries discusses a leadership training he did in Russia just prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He ended his class by warning: Ideology overrules rationality; paranoia is the disease of kings; and he who rides a tiger cannot dismount. Prescient words.

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ILA Stands With Ukraine

Statement from ILA Board Chair Mike Hardy on the Ukraine Russia war calling for the ILA community to stand with Ukraine in these terrible times. And to stand with those Russians, including our co-workers, students, friends, and neighbours, who are not responsible for this war, many of whom continue to speak out against it with great courage.

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Ukraine Russia War

Statement from ILA President and CEO Cynthia Cherrey on the military invasion into Ukraine. As a curator and creator of trusted resources, ILA is sharing responses from our members looking at the invasion through the lens of global leadership.

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How long will the Russian people put up with Putin’s aggression in Ukraine? In an authoritarian state, you need the support of the elite. As living standards begin to fall and more Russian and Ukrainian lives are lost, Matt Qvortrup, an expert on comparative democracy, argues that Putin’s position will become more and more precarious.

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What’s Dumbing Us Down?

Democracies are under threat around the globe. ILA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Dr. Henry Mintzberg joins Scott to discuss democracy and the idea that there are only a few dozens countries that are models of balance. Why can’t we get this right?

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