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25 Years of Leadership

Celebrating 25 years of leadership is a significant milestone that demonstrates the dedication and commitment of those involved in advancing leadership knowledge. This anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on the impact that has been made over the past quarter of a century and to look ahead to what can be achieved in the future. It is a time to celebrate the successes and lessons learned, and to acknowledge the contributions of all those who have been a part of this mission. The celebration of 25 years of leadership should be a time to come together and renew the commitment to advancing knowledge, to inspire and motivate those who will continue the work, and to make a lasting impact in the world of leadership.


Creation of ILA and First Conference


Global Conference Attendance Exceeds 1,000 Participants


ILA Becomes an Independent 501(c)3 Nonprofit


1st Advancing Women and Leadership Topical Conference


ILA Membership Exceeds 2,500


1st Virtual Global Conference