An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Advancing Leadership Programs: Asking Guiding Questions

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with Dr. Trisha Gott, Dr. Denny Roberts, and Rian Satterwhite

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ILA’s Committee for the Advancement of Leadership Programs works to advance the ongoing leadership learning efforts of the General Principles and Guiding Questions living documents on programmatic development and review.

As part of their work, the committee will be hosting a series of three webinars over the next six months.

In this first webinar, Asking Guiding Questions, Dr. Trisha Gott, Dr. Denny Roberts, Rian Satterwhite, and Dr. Kathie Guthrie (moderator) will:

  • Briefly discuss the history of the General Principles for Leadership Programs and the Guiding Questions;
  • Delve deeper into the documents’ findings, guidelines, and recommendations.
  • Engage in a robust discussion with the audience on using the principles and questions in their own organizations.

To learn more about the history and the background of this work, visit the committee page

Trisha Gott

Dr. Trisha Gott is an assistant professor and associate dean of academics at the Staley School of Leadership. Gott teaches undergraduate and professional coursework related to considering the ethical dimensions of leadership and leadership development. Gott focuses on practice-based leadership education and development for professionals. Since 2016 she has served as co-PI and co-director for the Mandela Washington Fellowship Civic Engagement and Leadership Institute at Kansas State since 2016. Gott is particularly interested in understanding how leadership interventions sustain, translate, and advance community leadership in a global setting.  

Dennis C. Roberts

Dr. Dennis C. Roberts is an independent consultant, speaker, and author. Former Assistant Vice President of Education for Qatar Foundation, he served for seven years to guide the establishment of student development and support services for its branch universities at Education City in Doha. He served previously as Associate Vice President of Student Affairs at Miami University. He is past president of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) and long-term member of the International Leadership Association.

Rian Satterwhite

Rian Satterwhite is Director of the Office of Service Learning & Leadership at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Teaching Faculty at Claremont Lincoln University. He is Co-founder of the ILA Sustainability Leadership member community, five-time facilitator and 2020-2022 co-chair of the ILA Leadership Education Academy, and former chair of the ILA Leadership Education member community. Rian is experienced with co-curricular as well as undergraduate and graduate credit-based leadership education and development and is the author of numerous publications. He specializes in sustainability leadership, systems thinking, and critical perspectives of leadership.