Graduate Student Group/Cohort Membership

Add a graduate student group/cohort membership to your program and stand out from the crowd as you support your students’ professionalization.

Top Five Reasons to Sign Up Your Students for Graduate Student Group/Cohort Membership

  1. Boost learning and career: Through ILA’s global network, your students will discover new ideas, models, and practices they can use in their research and organization. They will also meet and learn from the authors, scholars, and researchers whose work they read in the classroom. 
  2. Exclusive ILA member benefits: Your students will enjoy discounts on ILA conference registrations and books, and will have free access to ILA webinars, the ILA online community, member-only events and resources, and more.  PLUS exclusive benefits just for cohort members including an annual virtual session with a past ILA Lifetime Achievement Awardee and an annual virtual session with an emerging scholar who won either the Clark or Jablin student research awards. 
  3. Be in the know: Your students will learn firsthand when the call for proposals opens for an ILA conference. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to showcase their skills at the ILA Global Conference through participation in the International Student Case Competition. 
  4. Strengthen your brand: Providing this membership to your students will set your program apart from other graduate programs.  
  5. Sign up 15 or more students and receive a complimentary five-volume set of ILA’s award-winning Building Leadership Bridges series for your program — a $200 value!
Group Size Per Year
Group of 1-14
$130 per student
Group of 15 or more*
$125 per student

*In order to create a cohort of 15 or more students, the institution must become an organizational member first. 

Note: If you are an individual student, please visit the individual student membership page for more details. 

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Hear Success Stories Directly from Our Members

“Providing ILA membership to our graduate students is a value-added benefit that sets us apart from other programs. Students are excited to attend ILA conferences and meet the authors they’re reading. They feel welcome and they see the benefit of being part of this real-world network where leaders, researchers, and practitioners come together.”
Joanne Barnes
Joanne Barnes
Professor of Leadership Studies & Past Dean of the Graduate School, Indiana Wesleyan University
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Photo of Group of Students Working on a Project
Group of Students with Black Board in the Background that Reads ILA Membership - A Great Investment