Power of Purpose I

Read the Power of Purpose Symposium. Does purpose impact stakeholder and shareholder value? white paper.

Read CEO’s and Thought Leaders Explore the Power of Purpose
Successful CEOs and HR Directors joined forces with globally-renowned leadership scholars to examine, at the nexus of theory and practice, the power of purpose.

Read Gillian Secrett’s article Organizational Purpose: Corporate Learning at the Nexus of Theory and Practice
Gillian Secrett, CEO of the Møller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, reports on a joint symposium with the ILA where leadership scholars, corporate CEOs, and HR directors worked at the nexus of theory and practice. As part of our Nexus series of articles, Secrett expands the boundaries of thinking on the subject and includes a summary of the symposium, a discussion of themes that emerged, how purpose affects various stakeholders, and next steps.

Read Georgia Sorenson’s article Leadership: Person or Purpose. Originally published in Global Focus Magazine.
Forget about romanticised and heroic leaders. Today’s leadership, says Georgia Sorenson, is all about purpose-led companies that are organised or branded around an idea.

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