25th Anniversary Global Conference: Vancouver 2023

Cultivating Leadership for a Thriving Future
25th ILA Global Conference. Cultivating Leadership for a Thriving Future. Online 3-4 October 2023. Onsite 12-15 October 2023. Vancouver, Canada

The 25th Anniversary International Leadership Association Global Conference theme invited an inquiry into our responsibility to future generations and to the future of our planet. The conference program team asked: Within our sectors and our communities, what can we do to develop and sustain leaders and leadership systems that contribute to thriving? How can we interrogate past leadership practices that have led us to this point and help to rehabilitate those practices? How do we cultivate and connect leadership locally and globally that is committed to social justice and reconciliation, health for all, and a sustainable planet? The conference program supported our responsibilities as global citizens and as leaders and leadership professionals to share our knowledge and wisdom, to seek out new answers, and to use the hope — implicit in leadership — to weave together a collective vision, will, and agency for a thriving future. Read the complete theme.

Conference Materials

Note: The program book was accurate as of the production date of 29 September 2023. Changes may have occurred between then and the conference in October. 

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