Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Boas Shamir

Boas Shamir ( – 2015) had a deep theoretical, humanistic, and nuanced approach to leadership. His most significant contributions to leadership theory include work on leadership and the self, social distance and charisma, followership, narratives and life stories, and time. He contributed chapters to numerous books, published more than 70 articles, and received prestigious research grants to conduct empirical studies to test his ideas. A generous man with his colleagues, he had that rare gift of making the people around him better. Shamir was brilliant and critical, and challenged people to do more. He served many years on the editorial boards of several journals including Leadership and the International Journal of Organizational Behavior and was named “Best Reviewer” by The Leadership Quarterly and “Outstanding Reviewer” by Academy of Management Review. While Shamir spent the majority of his career as a Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he enjoyed traveling the world as a visiting scholar at institutions such as National University of Singapore, New York University, and the London School of Economics. An overarching theme in Shamir’s work was the need to better understand others across all kinds of borders, be they social, political, national, or religious.

Leadership Legacy Induction of Boas Shamir