Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Alan Bryman

Alan Bryman was one of the foremost experts on methodology, publishing numerous textbooks on the subject including Social Research Methods, Business Research Methods, the SAGE Handbook of Data Analysis, and the SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods. A proponent of mixed-methods research, Bryman encouraged researchers to “consider the whole range of possibilities,” rather than sticking to a handful of methods they were comfortable with or remaining exclusively quantitative or exclusively qualitative. He spoke eloquently of his concern over lingering stigmas associated with certain types of research methods and the drive to make qualitative research too conformative.

In addition to his numerous publications in the field of leadership, including co-editing the SAGE Handbook of Leadership, Bryman is perhaps best known for his internationally-acclaimed book The Disneyization of Society. Part of the critical turn in leadership studies, the book is a significant work on the intersections of modern consumer culture and organizational culture.