The name evokes those spaces and boundaries where our work reaches out and touches another’s — where theory and practice meet, shake hands, and learn from one another. It honors the fact that the ILA’s membership includes people located in many, and often multiple, independent systems who all Interface in the ILA around their commitment to advance leadership knowledge and practice for a better world. Interface shares articles highlighting association news and work being done by other ILA members. 

ILA Members at ILA 2018 in West Palm Beach

In addition to author interviews, reports from the field, and member spotlights, the newsletter regularly features the following columns, edited by members:

  • Exploring Leadership (video blog);
  • PAUSE for Pedagogy (article and video interview);
  • Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change (article & radio show); and
  • Global & Culturally Diverse Leadership in the 21st, Century  (article).

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