An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Transforming Hierarchical Relationships into Productive Partnerships

Presenter: Ira Chaleff

Date: 21 October 2009


The Courageous Follower, originally published in 1995, helped launch the emerging field of Followership. The soon to be released 3rd Edition contains an important new chapter “The Courage to Speak to the Hierarchy.”

In the age of social networking, a failure to build cultures of productive candor will almost certainly result in the frustration of employees being aired less productively in the public arena. Courageous Followership is difficult and essential in organizations of almost any size. But there are additional challenges in very large hierarchies or global organizations.

This webinar will examine the core principles of transforming hierarchical relationships into productive partnerships even in these challenging environments.

Speaker Information

Ira Chaleff is the founder and president of Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates in Washington, DC. and a principal in the Institute for Business Technology, a worldwide provider of Personal Effectiveness Programs for workload management. His book, The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders, is in its second edition and has been translated into half a dozen languages. He has been a frequent presenter on leader-follower relationships for a wide range of government and private sector audiences. The Courageous Follower has been used as a core text book by the first course on Followership at the JFK School of Government at Harvard. Ira was cited in the December, 2007, Harvard Business Review as one of the three pioneers in this field. Ira was named one of the top 100 “Best Minds on Leadership” in 2007 by Leadership Excellence magazine. In 2008, Ira founded the Followership Learning Community at the International Leadership Association and is serving as the community’s president. He is a co-editor of the newly released book, The Art of Followership: How Great Followers Make Great Leaders and Organizations, which is part of the Warren Bennis Leadership Series.