An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Practicing Healthy Leadership

Presenters: Mark McCaslin and Jan Cardwell

Date:  22 January 2019

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This webinar will introduce the landscape of healthy leadership along with a set of sustainable potentiating practices that will enable individuals serving leader roles to cultivate a generative community of practice. Potentiating, for clarification, is any action taken by individuals in leader roles that affectively causes something, or the relationship itself, to become potent—or, if you will: creative, strong, capable, powerful, effective, empowered…and healthy.

Presenters will first lay down the philosophical and theoretical frameworks that undergird this approach. Building on the notion of the leader as a potentiator, the webinar will explore five potentiating questions and a set of practices that guide the practice of healthy leadership.

Participants will leave the webinar with new perspectives, strategies, and tools to support their healthy leadership practices.

Speaker Information

Mark McCaslin, PhD, is an academic leader with a rich history of teaching, educational programming, and administration.

His personal and professional interests flow around the development of philosophies, principles, and practices dedicated to the full actualization of human potential. The focus of his research has centered upon healthy organizational leadership and educational approaches that foster a more holistic approach towards the actualization of that potential. At the apex of his current teaching, writing, and research is the emergence of healthy leadership and the potentiating arts. As a research methodologist he holds a rich understanding of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches to research. He has authored many articles on research techniques and approaches. In direct connection to healthy leadership, he is developing an ontologically centered approach to research called generative inquiry. Generative inquiry is co-situated as the inquiry into the natures of human potential and the characteristics of human goodness.

Jan Cardwell, PhD, is the Vice President/Campus and Academic Director for the University of Phoenix – Detroit.

She has served in leadership roles across higher education, for profit business, and non-profit community organizations for over thirty (30) years. She is Chair of the Board of Directors for the largest Head Start program in Detroit; and serves on the Board of Directors for several other non-profit organizations in Southeast Michigan. She is a Leadership Coach, Research Fellow, Dissertation Chair, Author, Artist, CEO, and Executive Coach for The Conceivers Leadership Development Group. She has presented her research at several international and national conferences and is the 2019 Chair of the ILA Leadership Development Member Interest Group.

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