An ILA Leadership Perspectives Webinar

Misguided Leadership Training

Presenters: George Graen

Date: 14 April 2010


You’ve heard the refrain, “Where have all the leaders gone?” But have you considered why we allow 50-60% of managers to fail due to gaps in technical, business, or leadership competence? These gaps emerge despite enormous funds invested in leadership training ($12 billion in 2007 according to Industry Report). Why are top management teams slow to use proven training protocols? Why do some executive leaders seem to fear their successors becoming effective leaders themselves?

This webinar, featuring internationally known educator and leadership consultant George Graen, will survey some of the training practices that fail to properly equip people with the leadership skills they need to succeed. It will also highlight research demonstrating that when a promising mission and protocol are presented, people can be trained to achieve satisfying engagement and enhanced performance from their employees.

Speaker Information

George Graen has worked for forty years in the leadership field and written over two-hundred research articles and books. Best known for LMX theory, George has recently developed two alternative protocols that describe real world leadership and has been presenting seminars and writing about his latest attempts to “tidy up an extremely messy field.” George has taught leadership at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan; University of Illinois (Champaign); and at UST in China. His latest book is Predator’s Game – Changing Designs.