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with Juana Bordas

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As part of the International Leadership Association series, Juana talks about the eight leadership principles that set the foundation for cross-cultural leadership. These are drawn from best-selling book “Salsa, Soul and Spirit – Leadership for a Multicultural Age” Juana discusses the principles and illustrates them with examples that apply to our current global organizational environments. 1. Know your history and respect the history of others 2. Mi Casa Es Su Casa – cultivate a generous spirit 3. From I to We – lessen individualism and cultivate collectivity 4. A leader among equals 5. Leadership is social responsibility 6. Community servanthood: create a community of leaders 7. Generate a shared vision 8. All my relatives – treat everyone like a relative Finally, Juana offers recommendations to build the capacity to live these principles in your daily leadership practice.

About the Guest

headshot of LIfetime Achievement Award Winner Juana Bordas

Juana Bordas is the author of the best-selling book “Salsa, Soul and Spirit – Leadership for a Multicultural Age” winner of the 2008 International Latino Book Award for leadership. The book is used in over 75 US Universities. “The Power of Latino Leadership” received the Nautilus Prize for best multicultural book and the 2014 International Latino Book Award for leadership. In 2015 she was a contributor to a new edition of Peter Drucker’s “Five Most Important Questions.”
Juana is founding President of the National Hispana Leadership Institute. She was the first Latina faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, served as trustee of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, and the International Leadership Association. She was initiated into the Colorado Women’s Hall of fame and selected a Wise Woman by the National Women’s Policy Institute. In 2009 she was named Colorado’s Unique Woman of the Year by the Denver Post and the Women’s Foundation.

Host Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf brings 30 years of experience and success in the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology. A regular contributor to, Metcalf has authored an award-winning book series on leadership and is the Founder & CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute. She is the host of an Innovating Leadership, a weekly international podcast that hit the airways in July 2015. As an ILA Fellow, Maureen partners with the International Leadership Associate on a series of global leadership podcasts within the show.