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Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide for New Leaders

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with William A. (Bill) Gentry

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As part of the International Leadership Association Conference series, Maureen invited Bill to discuss his new book focusing on helping new leaders and the teams they lead succeed. Bill talks about: • Common mistakes new leaders make • The unique challenges faced by first time managers, such as the transition from “BFF” to “boss” • How first time managers can motivate their teams, while maintaining the relationships they had before the promotion • What support first time managers actually need, and how organizations can provide it This interview and the associated book provide a great foundation for helping first time managers.

About the Guest

William Gentry

William A. (Bill) Gentry Ph.D. is currently the Director of Leadership Insights and Analytics, and a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). He trains CCL’s Maximizing your Leadership Potential and Assessment Certification Workshop programs. In addition, Bill is an adjunct professor at several colleges and universities. His research interests are in multisource (360) research, first-time managers and new leaders, leader character and integrity, mentoring, derailment, organizational politics and political skill, communication, and empathy.
He also recently published the book, “Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide for New Leaders,” a compilation of actionable lessons he’s learned firsthand and through his work training top execs which provides a six-step plan for new managers on how to “flip the script” to be a better boss.

Host Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf brings 30 years of experience and success in the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology. A regular contributor to, Metcalf has authored an award-winning book series on leadership and is the Founder & CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute. She is the host of an Innovating Leadership, a weekly international podcast that hit the airways in July 2015. As an ILA Fellow, Maureen partners with the International Leadership Associate on a series of global leadership podcasts within the show.