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Sadhana Hall

My name is Sadhana Hall and I am delighted to return for a second time as a facilitator (with nine others) for the ILA’s 6th Leadership Education Academy, which will be held from 31 July to 3 August 2023 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

My interest in issues related to leadership and management stem from my work experiences in Asia, Pacific, the Caucasus, and the U.S. I have learned from the successes I had and the mistakes I made in managing and leading others as well as my experiences in community organization, advocacy, policy development and implementation, and the preparation of students for leadership in their careers of choice. Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus (1985) once made this simple, yet complex, statement: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing.” We understand this intuitively, but the practice requires a deep understanding of leadership theories and skills that enable us to  support those we lead to achieve stated outcomes. It also requires managers and leaders to demonstrate a deep understanding of self. How do I show up in and for a team? How can I address the mission of the organization I serve? In this journey, leaders become lifelong learners and educators as they help others harness their own strengths.

Our team of facilitators are fine-tuning LEA’s rich program that will not only cover theoretical concepts related to leadership but will also help you translate theory into action. The basic curriculum is based on a rigorous understanding of needs ( e.g., leadership theories, instructional strategies, understanding audiences, intercultural understanding, DEIB, program design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation) expressed by past participants, existing literature, and our own personal experiences.

Personally, I only choose conferences that address my need to learn about a new concept, gain a skill that I think I need, or facilitate a professional connection I would like to make. If you are like me, you might wonder how LEA will help you to investigate a specific topic or concept you are currently concerned about as a leadership educator. You might also wonder if there are opportunities to build your professional and personal network. I am happy to tell you that LEA is designed with just this in mind. You, as the participant, are the heart of our discussions when we talk about curriculum development for the upcoming LEA. We deeply value participant experiences and are currently refining an interactive curriculum that invites provocative discussion and reflection in individual and small group formats. As a participant, we are excited that you will co-create and enrich LEA by sharing and learning from others as well. Based on my past experience in LEA, I am confident that you will become part of a community and make deep connections and friendships in this astonishingly short period of time!

One last thing I would like to say about LEA. I returned to LEA as a facilitator for the second time because of the genuine respect and admiration I feel for the other facilitators. They are extremely accomplished yet humble. They are busy but will make time for you. They are fun and will create enjoyable social spaces for you. They invite feedback, believe in continuous quality improvement, and are fearless about making real-time changes that benefit the participants and the program. They check their personal egos at the door — a true sign of good leadership. They truly understand this concept, which I believe in deeply and practice, “A good idea becomes a great idea with the input of many because it contains diverse perspectives.” I enjoy our productive team meetings in which we brainstorm and make decisions rapidly and efficiently and my need to continuously learn is fulfilled each time we meet! I just KNOW that we will do everything in our power to make this one of the best experiences you have had. All you have to do is show up and join us in this effort!

Please make your plans to join us for ILA’s 6th Leadership Education Academy, taking place 31 July to 3 August 2023 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. If you are a faculty member, a student affairs professional, a graduate student, or a community or corporate leadership educator who currently teaches or who plans to teach leadership in credit-based courses or non-credit programs, LEA is for you!

Here is the registration form for your convenience. I hope to see you there!

With warmest wishes, Sadhana

Author, Consultant, Trainer; Former Deputy Director of the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth


Bennis, W. G., & Nanus, B. (1985). Leaders: The Strategies of Taking Charge. Harper & Row.