Living Our Mission

Image of paper heads ranging in different shades of white, brown, and black

by Mike Hardy, ILA Board Chair & 
Cynthia Cherrey, ILA President & CEO

Date 4 June 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

We are in a global crisis reeling from another glaring injustice — the senseless loss of another Black life and the legacy of unaddressed structural and systemic racism. The death of George Floyd has amplified awareness of and action against institutional racism in cities across Europe and in the States.

Racism and racial injustice are unacceptable. By identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism, each one of us can do our part to eliminate racism and commit to leadership that fosters a society where all can flourish. This drives how we work; through bringing together individuals across distance, viewpoints and sectors, the ILA plays a vital role with our members — inspiring new leadership thinking that assists individuals and communities worldwide to be change agents for the greater good. Some of this inspired thinking is reflected by ILA member in two new ILA blogs by Katherine Tyler Scott (“The Fire Next Time”) and Ira Chaleff (Racism and the Bystander), and a new video interview by Kathryn Goldman Schuyler with Rhonda Magee (author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice).

The ILA’s mission is to advance leadership knowledge and practice for a better world. We pursue this through a commitment to inclusive and diverse global membership and a community where all voices are heard and embraced. This commitment to humanity — a respect for the dignity of every person — represents our deepest beliefs and highest aspirations regarding everything we do and how we strive to engage with the world.

Across the world every Black life matters. Across the globe, leadership must step up to make a difference for a better world for all.