Leading Teams Online

Resources From ILA’s Library, Members, & Leadership Colleagues​​

This collection of resources was put together at the start of 2020 in response to the movement of many organizations into an online work environment.  Virtual teams pose unique challenges and opportunities for team members and leaders. 

image fpr crisis leadership resources showing an online workshop

Leading Teams Online

Webinar video. ILA Member Joanna Beth Tweedy is joined with others in this webinar on project management, maintaining communication, team camaraderie, and quality assurance in an online environment. Resources on these topics are shared.

Improve Virtual Team Success by Leveraging Paradox

Podcast. In this podcast, ILA Fellow Maureen Metcalf interviews Jean Brittain Leslie from the Center for Creative Leadership (an ILA group member) draws on research to provide solutions for virtual teams.

What It Takes to Lead Successful Virtual Teams

ILA Member Spotlight. Yael Zofi, author of A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams, discusses managing virtual teams, facilitating cross cultural interactions online, and the four themes that recur in high performing virtual teams, regardless of size and type.